Coral Springs, FL

Population: 127,673

Key findings

  • Coral Springs has a Livability Score of 79/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Coral Springs crime rates are 37% lower than the Florida average
  • Cost of living in Coral Springs is 22% higher than the Florida average
  • Coral Springs real estate prices are 76% higher than the Florida average
  • Rental prices in Coral Springs are 29% higher than the Florida average

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      Coral Springs, FL

      Coral Springs is located in the southern area of Florida near the Florida Keys and Miami. It's a popular spot for those who retire to the state, families, and students who want to enjoy spring break on the beach. The city has been rated as one of the Best Places to Live in the United States and features numerous activities for all ages to enjoy.

      When you're in Coral Springs, you'll usually experience high humidity and warm temperatures. Even the winter months are mild with little to no snow. Summer months deliver temperatures in the 90s with frequent storms in the afternoons and evenings. Hurricanes are also a possibility during the summer season, which is something that you need to keep in mind as there are times when residents are asked to evacuate if a hurricane could cause significant damage.

      There are very few skyscrapers in Coral Springs. Instead, you'll see small offices and a lot of homes. Codes designate that buildings are to be no taller than 12 stories, including apartment buildings and hotels. The Country Club Tower and the Preferred Exchange Tower are the tallest buildings in the city, reaching right to the 12-story limit. Several small neighborhoods make up Coral Springs due to the city being considered a planned community. When you're walking through these small neighborhoods, such as those along Coral Ridge Drive, you'll notice that the houses tend to have their own personalities. It's also common to see bright colors on the exterior of homes and a few odd displays in front yards, such as flamingos that are decorated with Christmas lights in the winter.

      Even though Coral Springs is a smaller city than some in the area, there are still over 30,000 children who attend public and private schools. The facilities are part of the Broward County School System. Students will usually attend one of the 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, or three high schools in the city unless they are homeschooled.

      The unemployment rate in the city is lower than the national average. There are several employment opportunities to choose from depending on what you like to do including restaurant service, healthcare, and retail. The summer months often allow for more jobs along the coast and in the hotels due to more tourists. Homes are a bit higher than the national average with some houses worth millions of dollars.

      When you're out in the city at night, you'll see clubs come alive with dancing, music, and drinks. The Center for the Arts is an option if you enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Parks in the city feature soccer fields and tennis courts as well as playground equipment for children. If you don't want to drive in Coral Springs, you can use the Broward County Transit service. Coral Springs is a city full of sunshine and adventure for you to enjoy from the early morning hours to late at night.

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      Good Family City

      I have lived here since 1989. I watched the city grow into what it is today. The city has much to offer in regards to family friendliness. Coral Springs has one of the biggest soccer organizations for kids. Sports are everywhere from football to baseball to rugby. The schools are highly rated and all 4 of my kids went through the system with good grades. Religion is diverse. We have many different Christian institutions as well as Jewish temples and a mosque. As for nightlife and things to do .... you are limited here but the beach is a short 15-20 minute drive with traffic, the Panther stadium is 10 minutes away, Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is 30 minutes away so nothing is too far from you. Outdoors we have the Everglades in our backyard and those pesky Mosquitos aren't as bad as you'd think being so close. Also, do not listen to that raving lunatic Pellegrino's response to the city .... he wears a tinfoil hat apparently and might have something wrong upstairs in his brain housing group but most folks here are pretty sane and good people!
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      I would not live here if they gave me a free house and paid the taxes and rent. DEAD PEOPLE (SHOOTING) DEAD FISH, and DEAD WATERFOWL. They use chemicals to kill weeds in the process kill the fish. It is a sick chemical laden city that I am moving from as the cancer rates are high. My last review was removed so this probably will be removed also. THE ONLY review was someone on vacation which tells you nothing of the unsafe chemicals in drinking water that cannot be filter out.
      • 1 -7

      The car insurance cost more then Miami due to all the accidents. Moved here and 5 days later get car totaled. They are worried about how everything looks so they overuse chemical for everything. All the wildlife is gone and there are dead floating fish in the water so it stinks.
      • 2 -7
      Coral Springs, FL - Beauty by the Beach!

      I visited Coral Springs, FL in early 2010 on vacation and absolutely loved it! Coral Springs, FL may not be the biggest city but it is filled with cultural and plenty of great restaurants and dining!

      I was fortunate to attend one of the many annual festivals in the city of Coral Springs called the "Out Town" festival! This was an outstanding small town event complete with a car show, beauty pageant and even carnival rides! In addition Coral Springs hosts an annual "Fiesta Coral Springs" which is a Spanish cultural festival and a wonderful parade around Christmas time!

      There are not many historical sites to visit in Coral Springs but there is some great shopping at the Coral Square which is a well design mall in the heart of Coral Springs. It's large in size and has plenty of selection and variety, in addition there are plenty of small novelty shops downtown and several strip malls! Dining is a pleasure in coral springs with a wide selection of restaurants from national chains down to some local favorites; I personally enjoyed "Mythos Greek Taverna" which I would easily recommend to anyone visiting Coral Springs!

      Coral Springs is a great place for families and singles alike to visit! There is plenty of nightlife, good shopping and excellent dining with some unique restaurants!
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