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Conyers is a gem outside of Atlanta

Conyers is just outside of Atlanta. It's a little over half an hour away from Atlanta, and you can enjoy access to the east side of the city by living in Conyers. There's a nice mix of Southern culture small town vibes and a rising middle class. Like a lot of areas that missed the worst part of 1990's suburbia, a lot of the suburbs touching Conyers are built in comfortable neighborhoods that have decent access to the rest of the town while embracing nature. Living in Conyers, GA is all about that mixture of nature and rising social access. There are a lot of nice restaurants and stores that make it stand out against other Atlanta-area towns. If you want more variety, you have an easy path out of Conyers to other Atlanta-area towns by getting on Highway 138 and going around the area. You can also get access to other, less traffic-filled routes into Atlanta by spreading your route out from Conyers and to other sides of Atlanta. The best areas in Conyers are along I-20, if for no other reason than the great food.
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