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Bored In Clinton, MI

I've lived in Lansing, MI most of my life and traveled to Clinton, MI several times. It is an old village with good old-time charm. On the other hand, it got swallowed in Detroit's urban sprawl. So, it hosts many suburban luxuries still with old town charm. Traveling to Clinton inevitably means traveling to Detroit. The Detroit suburban area is huge and Clinton is just part of it. On the other hand, Clinton does host a few activities for the tourist. Antique shopping is one of the big draws to Clinton. The city hosts 3 antique stores and malls. The city also hosts a few decent restaurant options. The must-do dine in Clinton in the Hometown Pizza restaurant. Also, the Clinton Cafe offers good home town charm. Its right downtown and it is the best cafe I could find. Getting bored in Clinton is easy to do. For a long term vacationer, the city is not the best option. Since Clinton is such a small city without many options, I will rate it fairly poorly. But, remember, traveling to Clinton means traveling to Detroit. I would rate Detroit much better than Clinton.
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