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Chula Vista, California: Hip, Upbeat, and Fun

Out of all the California cities I visited when I worked there, Chula Vista was one of my favorite. The city is rich with diverse restaurants, offering everything you can imagine. The natural beauty surrounding the area is also breath-taking. I was fortunate to go on a bike ride on one of the trails in Chula Vista and fell in love. My friends and I also went kayaking at San Diego Bay and had some of the best times of our lives. I have visited other California cities, like San Bernadino and Santa Ana and have at times felt very unsafe. To be honest, I felt very safe in Chula Vista. I didn't see any random sketchy people, and overall I found people we dealt with to be very friendly. Now, that being said, some of my friends said all the crime happens at night in Chula Vista. But I suppose that could be with any state that has large metropolitan areas and cities. Overall, there is a very "environmental" and "open" feel to Chula Vista. Even with over 250,000 people, the community seems to care about the environment and it shows in the cleanliness of the city buildings and streets. I would not mind visiting the city of Chula Vista again.
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