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Best place to live in charleston

I have lived in several areas in West Virginia as well as other states and I have never lived anywhere that compares to living on quarrier street. It has so many friendly educated people who cares about the community. Pot luck dinners monthly to help people get to know each other, playgrounds for children, a religious private school, neighbors who watch out for each other and a great place to walk or ride your bicycle. By the way, did I mention you can walk to restaurants, parks, hospitals and doctors 2-5 minutes away? It is the city and there are certain areas that have high crime but this area is not it. We have a security system which has been set off by accident and the police have been here within 5 minutes. It really doesn't get any better than that. My recommendation to anyone looking for a home where you can have more of a quality of life and less time driving to your job, then keep your eyes open for a house on this street. Believe me, we have been here for 11 years and would not trade it for anyone home on the hills where you never see anyone come outside of their homes
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Needs help

I have been here sense 2001 and I have seen Charleston deteriorate and crime rate increase drastically. It has no Diversity at all, the most spoken words are WVU which is the University that is always rank top 3 for partying and they are proud. The education system is the worse in the country (I have two daughters 7 and 9). there's is nothing to do and yes everything is relative here. It's known for being the chemical valley and the smell proves it. only 19% have a bachelors degree and the politicians are all crooked. I would say that 50% of the population live on the new unemployment program I call SSD. if you do search on MSN CNN or other for the worst state to live in by health , education, etc. West Virginia is always in the top, and Charleston being the capitol city is front and running. The state is beautiful with it mountains and valleys, the fall and spring, very humid in the summer and the winter is just dirty after first snow fall. If you want to be secluded and live off the grid, this state can provide that as many place in the state have no cable or cellular signal. It has only a little over 50,000 population in Charleston and a high rate of addiction to drugs as meth and heroin. As for me and my wife we are both professionals and we are now ready to leave and start new in another stated that can provide more happiness. Money is not everything and a fresh start far away from here is long overdue. by the way my wife and I are foreigners and racism still exist time to go and NOT MAKE THE WRONG TURN
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Charlseton is a slave prison ruled by dumbass people

Charleston median income says people make a lot more --> it's really $12000 a year. Most jobs here work you to death for as cheap as possible. You wont have time to do shit if your worked to death. Every short cut has fences to block it off. They also blame a lot of bad politics on "drugs". They chopped down all the trees at the transit mall because of "drugs". They let chemical plants spill toxic waste in the river. The people are cool, like the workers, but dumbass is the key term for the heads that run the place. They'll hire idiots for managers and work you till you shit blood if they can. Also one final note: This place is under worn out washed up marijuana laws, it's hot as hell most of the time, and every ten feet you either smell sewage, trash, or car exhaust. Yeah only move hear if you got a shit load of money to escape the prison they've created.
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Charleston, WV - Amazing City!

I love the prospects of discovering hidden gems in neighborhoods. When I relocated to Charleston, West Virginia that I was in for a special treat. The ideal location was perfect for my work commute and the weekends are filled with fun and adventure. The hospitality I experienced in this region made me feel at home instantly. Amazing nightlife and restaurants make settling in the region magic. The warm, friendly locals make you feel that your are amongst friends. Along the Kanawha River, Charleston, West Virginia is located Living long-term in the city of Charleston has been a life long dream which I came true the minute I turned the key into the front door of my new Charleston home. Walking around the neighborhood and I could see at first glance what makes Charleston delightful and special. Local parks, galleries and museums continue to impress me as I toil the day away on my journey to and from home. Attractions that I loved the most was the museum, vineyards and planetarium show. Only a short ride from Kanawh River, the Mi dland Trail Scenic Highway takes you anywhere. My love of outdoors took me into the wilderness of Charleston. From short drives up the Midland Trail Scenic Highway to exploring quaint living of the city, Charleston still excites me every time I set out of my front door. Getting around Charleston could not be more easier. Renting a car if is a wonderful way to see the sights even if have one of your own at home. I greatly enjoy taking up the opportunity to hike, ski, and explore all the region. Charleston offers a variety of activities to amuse all ages. I, especially, enjoy exploring farmer's markets, parks, golf courses, old antique shops, art galleries and the famous farmer's market.
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A Diamond Near the Appalachian Coalfields: Charleston, WV

Once a long-time resident of Charleston, West Virginia myself, let me suggest for those persons who are seeking a locale to vacation or relocate this year, you will find this city as a great choice. I fondly refer to the city of Charleston, West Virginia as a northerner, with the heart of a southerner. A person who visits Charleston for the first time will find that the area residents presents the same persona. Charleston is progressively urban and charmingly country collectively; therefore, the city has much to offer in recreation to suit anyone. Charleston, West Virginia is located along the Kanawha River and makes up a great deal of the Kanawha Valley area. There is as much to do after a short drive from Charleston in any given direction, as is found within the city itself. For example, a leisurely drive along the Midland Trail Scenic Highway would fascinate the nature lover with its lush beauty. The area's many attractions includes: museums, vineyards, baseball parks, a planetarium show, an amusement park, a motor speedway, parks, golfing, outdoor adventures, skiing, art galleries, the farmer's market, the Town Center Mall, a cornucopia of specialty shops and so much more. Charleston, West Virginia features an eclectic collection of nightspots, dancing, music, a comedy club, the ballet, the opera, the theater, as well as numerous restaurants. Charleston truly steps out in full gala embellishment during its many cultural events, which consist of Multifest, the Vandalia Festival, a fireworks display during July 4 at the Riverfront, and the Sternwheel Regatta. And one other thing that I enjoyed when I lived in Charleston is that it never broke the bank to have a good time there.
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