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Southern Hospitality and affordable

Charleston is everything i thought it would be, quaint in feel but not small and the people are so kind! I never understood Southern Hospitality until I moved here http://www.drhorton.com/South-Carolina/Charleston.aspx it really is amazing! the Prices of everything and the people make it a great place to be.
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History, Southern Charm, Beaches, Great Food, and Friendly Smiles

Growing up on James Island, I lived in Charleston until I was 19, I then moved away to Houston, TX and have since moved back to the area. The best part about Charleston is this, since I was away for nearly 15 years, when I came back, things had changed. Changed for the BETTER! We are now one of the fastest growing relocation cities in America, there are many tech jobs, nursing jobs, Boeing is here, and Google, we didn't have any of this "progress" when I was growing up here. All of this is available now, and yet people will still say hello to you when you pass them on the street. We have some of the best restaurants available, we have miles and miles of ocean front and river front property. We experience mild winters and balmy summers. I love Charleston, I have lived in many places, including Charleston's sister city Savannah, and by far Charleston tops my list.
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Charleston, SC - Caught Between the Past and the Future

After settling into my new job in Charleston, South Carolina, this Yankee ventured out with a little trepidation. After all, for some in this area of the country the War still isn't over. Reminders of this are everywhere, in the people you meet, the way the city is still divided along racial lines, and the critical role Charleston played during that period in our history. Fort Sumter, where it all began, still guards the city's Atlantic entrance. But I soon warmed to the Southern hospitality and charm I encountered everywhere, and settled into my role as a tolerated foreigner. There is much to recommend in Charleston. The cost of living is probably half that of the west coast or northeast. Sandy beaches are a short distance away, and the drive presents a beautiful tapestry of salt marshes, inland waterways, drawbridges, marinas, and ocean views. The city of Charleston itself is a patchwork of more modern and pre-Revolutionary War buildings, with a definite European feel, accessed by driving or strolling down tree-lined cobblestone or brick streets. If you're into music, art, festivals, antiques, boating, history, fishing, or eating in the countless very good restaurants the city of Charleston offers, boredom will never be a problem.
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