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Cherokee County Georgia, for the Fickle Minded

I have lived in Cherokee County, GA for six years. Cherokee County is located about 40 miles North of Atlanta, the largest city in the state of Georgia. Living in a northern suburb of Atlanta has been difficult as a young woman in my twenties. Many of the residents commute to the metro Atlanta area for work, have families and children in the local schools, or are of the elderly and retired population. This area is not home to a night-life, with a very small amount of residents in their 20-30's. Living expenses are nearly equal to Atlanta, which does not provide a strong incentive to live in the area, especially with gas prices and the cost of commuting. Since most job opportunities are in the city and this area does not offer a lower cost of living, this is not a desirable location for young couples and recent college graduates. On the other hand, there are colleges like Reinhardt University, Georgia Highlands, and Chattahoochee Technical College nearby. These schools cost significantly less to attend, and not located in actual "college towns," making it great for students paying their own way through college and do not desire a typical college experience. Although the housing prices are low, the rental prices remain high, appealing to those who are capable of buying a house. However, if you have a family and can work locally, this would be an ideal place to live. Any way to avoid battling traffic on a daily basis! For families, it is far enough from Atlanta to enjoy the perks of a small town, but close enough for access to the airport and everything the city of Atlanta has to offer. Cherokee County has great schools, a rapidly growing population, and a host of recreational activities with beautiful lakes and Blue Ridge Mountains nearby. Living here, you will get a healthy dose of very southern, rural people, young families, and the nontraditional college student.
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