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Cambria - water shortage and fire danger? Homes hard to sell? I've been considering retirement in Cambria, Morro Bay, Los Osos, etc. I like some of the homes in Cambria, but news articles seem to indicate that the water shortage is a dire problem. One of my friends has an acquaintance in Cambria who has been unable to sell her home for over a year. Is this the norm for residents looking to sell? We have heard that the desalination plant is not fully operational in Cambria because of failure to meet state regulations. Even if it does, will the average water costs be ridiculously astronomical for the average resident? We talked with a well-known real estate agent in the area and the person expressed love for Cambria, wouldn't live anywhere else but that the water problems are more political than an actual water shortage. We wonder if that is really true. We've also looked in Morro Bay but many of the homes there look like they're nothing but clapboard put together with Elmer's Glue - and very expensive to boot. Answer question
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