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Buckeye Arizona a Collision of Old and New

When I moved to Buckeye, Arizona nearly twenty years ago, I found quiet farming community. There was evidence of a town that had once thrived, but had been largely forgotten, as various disasters had struck and children moved to Phoenix to begin different careers. The past several years have seen a great revitalization moving Buckeye into the modern age amidst booming growth. Most of the original town remains unchanged, but growth has taken place around it. Much of the culture remains. It has retained a rural feel, but with modern conveniences. Houses sprang up seemingly overnight. Commercial ventures followed suit. The more people means more shoppers. Many major retailers have established locations in Buckeye satisfying all the basic needs of its residents. There are dental and medical facilities, including a hospital. Buckeye boasts many advantages. Crime is lower than the state's average. Housing prices remain very reasonable. There is dining at most of the major chain fast food establishments and a few restaurants. The biggest drawback is the lack of local employment. This creates a necessity to make a rather long drive into Phoenix, which is approximately 50 miles away. Buckeye is a quiet family orientated town. Individuals looking to find a bustling nightlife will need to find it elsewhere. This is not to say that it does not offer its share of entertainment. Western culture permeates the town with frequent rodeos, roping competitions and a celebration of Buckeye's history in parades. History is something Buckeye is fiercely proud of. It is reflective in the various events held throughout the year and in the museum that honors the town.
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