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What's In Bowie MD?

While I do not live in Bowie MD, I live very close and I know of the many attractions and sites in Bowie and I'd give the city of Bowie a 9 out of 10 when it comes to fun, attractions and activities. Bowie has everything from spacious, wild, parks to historic towns that are little known secrets and so much fun to discover. Bowie is rich with museums including the Belair Stable Museum, The Bowie Railroad and Huntington Museum and the Radio and Television Museum. So it's never hard to find something interesting to see. Bowie is also shrouded in trees and natural beauty. While Bowie is closely connected to Greenbelt and the more urban areas near College Park, MD, Bowie has a lot of wooded area to offer and many of the homes in the area have a very woodsy and natural feel; as if you're miles away from civilization. One moment you're on a main drag with shops and food, the next you're in the wilderness passing quaint homes, wild deer and nature. It's quite a dramatic change in scenery but it only adds to the fun and unique nature of Bowie, MD. If you drive long enough, you'll come across the cutest little town that looks like something from the early 20th century. It's less than a mile of square land and it's filled with little mom and pop shops, nature stores and nurseries. The town itself is a little difficult to find, but I personally was amazed when I stumbled across it after driving through Bowie. Bowie also has a large farmer's market to offer with a variety of down home foods including pastries, fruits and fresh vegetables. It's the perfect place to get some good food shopping done on a sunny Saturday afternoon. So if you're looking for diverse scenery, interesting museums, rich culture, a pleasant drive, small town charm and just a good old fashioned fun time, you have to come to Bowie, MD.
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