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Beware the North American Snob Capital!!!

The only thing any good about Bolingbrook is the Golden Corral restaurant and buffet. Otherwise, avoid this place at all costs! In no other place on the continent of North America (and that means the USA, Canada, and Mexico) are people more aggressive, snobby, standoffish, and even downright hostile towards new people than in Bolingbrook, Illinois. In fact, not too long ago, several customers at the Golden Corral were arrested for "sitting too close" to a tablefull of other customers when they got up and called the police to complain of being "freaked out by their presence." In a related case, a customer there was shoved by another customer at the buffet, who then began accusing the latter of being in his way. Bolingbrook is so snobby that it will leave you literally with a nasty taste in your mouth, and will leave you thinking stuff like "Who are these people?"
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