Boca Raton, FL

Population: 91,702

Key findings

  • Boca Raton has a Livability Score of 80/100, which is considered exceptional
  • Boca Raton crime rates are 7% lower than the Florida average
  • Cost of living in Boca Raton is 30% higher than the Florida average
  • Boca Raton real estate prices are 129% higher than the Florida average
  • Rental prices in Boca Raton are 45% higher than the Florida average

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      Living here in Boca is like living in Hll

      First of all folks - DO NOT be fooled by the ultra positive comments on various sites. We moved down here from Colorado a little over a year ago and have regretted it EVERY minute since. This is literally the WORST place I have ever lived in and we can't wait to get out.
      If you are mega rich and can afford multiple home so that you DO NOT stay down here from Late May to October then maybe. But for the rest of us living down here is bad from every angle.
      First - the weather - It is now September and it is SO hot and muggy we can barely breathe even with house AC and three portable AC units and a dehumidifier. I have NEVER lived somewhere so miserably hot and sticky and I lived in Houston.
      Now - next - the utility bills will kill you - i have a $900 bill from last month and it is estimated to be more than $1000 this month. Florida power and light is a rip off. And the power grid down here is patch work and terrible. We have constant power outages. Just had another one that messed everything up.
      And don't forget the lovely hurricanes - you are front row to get hammered from July to December.
      Housing prices are ridiculous - we pay $3500 a month to live in what we thought was a nice house. The old thing pretty much is the worst design I've ever seen. No air circulation at all. Power outlets don't work. Tiny bedrooms - NO BATHTUB. There are BUGs everywhere. If you have a pool it is a giant cesspool you throw money into.
      And the people down here - the younger ones aren't bad but Boca is just one giant retirement home for the Jws that stream down here from New Jersey. They are mean, rude and drive worse than anybody you have ever seen.
      There is no night life - No good restaurants. Everything here is geared toward the rich old cronies.
      I despise this place. Do yourself a favor - DO NOT MOVE here - you will rue the day you did.
      All these online reviews are junk - I'm telling you the truth.
      Also - too bad if you like your internet because it is beyond horrible down here - weather you choose Comcast of DirectTV. They do not have fiber op - it is a lie. We couldn't even stream a movie last night.
      Also - god forbid if you need to see a doctor or need to go to the emergency room. I had to be in the hospital early January in Del Ray Med Center and it was the worst hospital I have ever been into. Reminded me of Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. Most of the patients are just there to die. Doctor's down here are SO SCARED of the fake opiod crisis that you could break every bone in your body and be in writhing pain and they will hand you a Tylenol. I had to beg for some pain relief from a complicated Colitis that was so bad I couldn't breathe.
      Also some old volunteer guy came into my room and tried to force me into a wheel chair to take me down for a procedure -I didn't have any scheduled. He got the room number wrong and was trying to take me down to have my appendix removed. God that place scared me.
      Run folks - Run Run Run - you will regret every moment here.
      • 9 -29
      West Boca Raton, great for families

      We live in the unincorporated part of town, west side of the city near the Everglades. Great school atomophere, very little bullying going on. Most teachers at the middle school where my son goes to are willing to reach out and help our son who has mild Aspergers and some learning issues. Our subdivision has nice neighbors and kids play outside together safely. Grocerly shopping are convinient, as are inexpensive restaurants, could use more varities of them though. We have been living here for 5 years, from the cold Chicago. People say it's humid and hot here, not quite true. Only June thru September are very humid, the rest of the year very pleasant. Summer temperature is also lower than Chicago. People in South Florida are very active and health conscious. Many communities have tennis programs for middle age and above residents who are working full or part time. About half an hour drive to the beach, very peaceful here.
      • 3 -1
      Can't wait to leave

      I've been living in Boca Raton for over 10 years and my take on Boca, is that if ALL you're looking for is warm weather year round, and chain store shopping, and NOTHING ELSE matters, then Boca is the place for you.

      The Towne Centre Mall has everything you could want, and there are dozens of other malls in South Florida, as well as chain restaurants and plaza's on every corner. During the winter months, it rarely goes below 70 degrees, and it never snows.

      Most of the people are transplants from NY (Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, etc.), NJ, Philly, or Boston. I seldom meet anyone from the mid-west or western parts of the county, and there are tons of Hispanics (many of whom are not here legally). Often times when I am out and about, everyone around me is speaking Spanish. Overall, I find the people here to be extremely uneducated with a very poor work ethic.

      It's 100% car-centric, and as far as the age range, my parents are in their 70's and they are the norm. It's not uncommon to go to a restaurant and see that everyone there is at least 70 or older. It's definitely NOT a vibrant town full of career oriented professionals and exciting nightlife, so if you're single and that is what you're looking for, I would really think twice about moving here.

      Boca is most retirees and families. Many of whom are snow birds who are here just to escape the cold, play golf, and go shopping.

      I am leaving soon for Denver and I cannot wait.
      • 5 -22
      Why Do I Visit Boca Raton, FL?

      I visit the city of Boca Raton on a regular basis, as I live just a few miles from there. The streets are very well maintained and lined with palm trees. I love the laid-back, friendly atmosphere that is always present in Boca Raton.

      There is no shortage of things to do and attractions to see in Boca Raton such as biking, hiking, sunbathing, fishing, watersports, fine dining, concerts, museums, art galleries, golf, shopping and much more. Relaxing on their gorgeous Atlantic coast beaches is a regular activity for me. My favorite thing to do though is shop. Mizner Park, The Royal Palm Plaza, and The Town Center Mall offer a huge variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants and events to choose from. The nightlife here is not the greatest, but there are bars and lounges for late night entertainment.

      Boca Raton is a community oriented city, making sure to keep their neighborhoods beautiful and safe for everyone. Clean streets and fresh warm air are the norm rather than the exception. When all is said and done, Boca Raton is a fabulous place for both residents and visitors.
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      Source: The Boca Raton, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).