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Sorry To Say, But This Is A Nasty Little Town, wholly within the Waco city limit

Residents are ghetto whites, blacks and hispanics. Streets are filthy & trashy. Preponderance of the city's income appears to many to come from their outrageous need to collect traffic tickets, especially along a busy Waco boulevard called Valley Mills. Many suggest that the Beverly Hills Texas police department is a fraud and a ripoff. They may be. I'm not sure. Just don't travel 2mph over the speed limit. I know an honest guy. Clean driving record. This seemingly homeless looking man wearing a "Dickey's"-type police uniform claimed my friend was traveling 30mph over the posted speeds during lunch rush hour! Funny. You can't even go THE POSTED SPEED, much less chance of speeding. What a joke of a police department. What a joke of a nasty town. SPEND YOUR TIME & MONEY ELSEWHERE.
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uneed2knowPosted on Mar 17, 2017
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