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Beaumont is a gem... 4.5 rating By Anonymous ( Apr 20, 2019) I read these reviews and others when we first were asked to move to Beaumont and I always said I would write one when we leave. Beaumont, at least for us was wonderful. The cost of living, quality of life and amenities are fantastic in this little gem. I used to say that it ha ...Read More d the weather of Southern California without all the So Cal folks! I would love how it would rain really hard for an hour or two and then the sun would be out for the rest of the day, allowing such a green, lush environment. We lived west of the 1-10 and I would agree with that, or parts of Lumberton. Stay in the 77706 for best resale value. The public schools are not a factor for us, since we homeschool and the opportunities for homeschooling have grown exponentially in SouthEast Texas in the last 4 years. We chose a wonderful university model (part Christian private/part homeschooling) school, Veritas Classical School and that was our community for almost 4 years we were there. The parks, the restaurants, the stores are all ample and just enough for us. 30 minutes away there is a wonderful theatre at the Lutcher. Not to mention the local community theatre does such a great job. The symphony is good and this town is charming. The one thing I appreciated coming from Southern California and having lived in Frisco, Tx prior to Beaumont was there was not the "keeping up with the Jones'" attitude. There are people with wealth and/or means but everyone I met was sweet and down to earth. The churches we attended were fantastic - Praise Church (non-denominational) and a new one getting started, Riverside (Protestant) and the folks in both are super welcoming. If you or your spouse are getting transferred here or if you are looking for a community to raise a family, this is a fantastic town! The only thing that would have made it five stars for me, would have been to have a drop zone there. There used to be before Hurricane Ike and I was bummed on arrival when I found out it closed. Driving all the way to Rosharan, Tx to skydive was a bummer as it was an entire day/night away from the family. Read Less
horrendous and disgusting 1 rating By lizardgal ( Feb 12, 2018) Absolutely do not move/visit/come within 50 miles of southeast texas it's pathetically unclean and dangerous. Upper class people here think they're socialites in nyc, there's trash and roadkill everywhere, and the area as a whole is going very far downhill. Since the hurricane (w ...Read More hich wiped out half of the area) piles and piles of house gutting garbage is still lying around everywhere. It's disgusting. The beach is mud and mosquitos and stinky seaweed. The public education is the worst of the worst. Do not come here!!!! Read Less
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Excellent Service 5 rating By tam53978 ( Sep 15, 2014) We had my mother-in-law in Mississippi took them out to eat at a different restaurant every night last week, on Sunday her last night in town we went to Outback in Beaumont. My mother-in-law had the best time ever our server Mr. John was so nice and friendly, he made her & all of ...Read More us feel so special she wanted to take him home. The Manager Mrs. Brittney greeted us and seated us right away, we had such a great time with Mr. John she ordered a extra glass of wine just so we could spend a little more time there, we didn't want to leave & when he brought us a to go container for our blooming onion & food, he made my mother-in-law a special to go bag with a extra bread & butter & plastic knife just for her because she loved it so much & told her that was just for her so she could nibble on it on their trip home today, I just wanted to thank Mr. John & Mrs. Brittney for such a great time, It was so special that she was still talking about it this morning. & can't wait until she comes back down again just so she can go back to Outback to see Mr. John & Mrs. Brittney. out of all 7 restaurants we went to last week Outback in Beaumont beat them all hands down not a one came close to the service or experience we received from you two thank you so much for for such a great time. Read Less
Beaumont, Texas - A Golden Treasure of the Gulf 5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 04, 2010) Beaumont, Texas is a beautiful city built right on the Gulf of Mexico. Together with its neighboring cities, Port Arthur and Orange, it is part of what is known as the Golden Triangle. It is a very modern and clean city, noted for its oil and shipping industries.

Since the city
...Read More of Beaumont is located on the Gulf Coast, many of Beaumont's attractions and things to do are geared toward the outdoors. There are many golf courses, water parks and zoos. One place of particular interest to me was the twenty-three acre botanical gardens that was open to the public.

Culturally, Beaumont sponsors a well-rounded schedule of events that include ballets, theatre productions and art exhibits. I noticed that there has been resurgence in historic interests and many sections of older Beaumont are being restored to their former glory.

Hotels and restaurants are abundant in Beaumont as are the bars, pubs and clubs. If anyone is interested in great place to go for a night out on the town, Whiskey River is the place to be. They hire big name performers and a have huge dance floor. It seemed to me to be a lively place for a great time.

I really enjoyed my stay in Beaumont. Whether it's a relaxing day on the golf course, gourmet food, cultural activities or a wild night on the town, this city has it all. It seems that Beaumont takes fun seriously. Read Less

Beaumont, TX

Beaumont is a city that is found in Jefferson County, Texas. It has a population of around 120,000 people and is part of the greater Houston area - as it is only 85 miles from the Houston downtown area. Beaumont traces its roots back to the pioneer days in 1935. It continues to be of great importance to America with its oil production centers throughout the city.

Naturally, with so many oil plants, employment is readily available in this industry. There are other industrial centers with employment readily available as well. When considering moving to Beaumont, it is important to consider the weather that is associated with the area. It is typically very hot and humid in the summer in the city, and there is a strong chance for hurricanes. With this in mind, be sure to have your home prepared for any weather you may encounter.

Housing is significantly lower in Beaumont than it is in the rest of the country. It is very affordable for the average income in the city. The average price of a house is around $135,000. The average rental price is around $900 for an apartment in the city, no matter the location.

Other factors of the cost of living in Beaumont are also significantly lower than the national and state average. Utility costs such as electricity are less expensive to assist residents in managing the extreme heat that occurs in the summer. Grocery costs and healthcare costs are also significantly lower in Beaumont than the rest of the state and nation. Transportation costs are lower as well.

There are many transportation offerings around Beaumont. Beaumont Municipal Transit offers public transportation via bus routes. There is also Ground Shuttle to assist you in traveling to the airports in the Beaumont region. Amtrak is readily available as well to travel throughout the state and the greater Houston area along the Sunset Limited line. The stop in Beaumont for the Amtrak is along West Cedar Street.

Beaumont is full of things to see and do. Downtown Beaumont has beautiful architecture and historical homes throughout. There is also the Crocket Street area that hosts an array of events and eating opportunities. The Art Museum of Southeast Texas is also found in this city and is free to enter. There are numerous other museums dedicated to the town's history found throughout as well such as the Edison Museum.

Beaumont, Texas is a beautiful town full of commerce and industrialization. There are many employment opportunities throughout this reasonably priced city. There are also numerous activities to engage in throughout, both historical, educational, artsy and based on the entertainment industry. You and your family will never run out of things to do when moving to Beaumont, Texas.


Gilbert Park
Hebert Park
Keith Park
Liberia Park
Magnolia Park


Jefferson Theater
Betty Greenberg Center for Performing Arts
Star Bowling Bar & Grill
Cinemark Beaumont 15 and XD
Regal Star 12

Food & Drink

Steak 'n Shake
Black Bear Diner
Lupe Tortilla
Sartin's West Seafood
Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse
Drive to Work

13% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

2% lower than the US average


CHRISTUS Southeast Texas - Saint Elizabeth
PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Beaumont
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas - Beaumont Campus
CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont


H-E-B Pharmacy
H-E-B Pharmacy
CVS Pharmacy


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