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A safe bet

I moved to Bartlett a few months back from a rural town in Wisconsin. It is pretty much what we expected it to. We heard the schools were really good, which is true. We heard the crime rates are really low, also true. We found out the cost of living is pretty high. Housing is still affordable for middle class families, but my house payment is 50% of my monthly income (average 3Bed 2.5B). This is pretty common since the taxes are so high. But if you are looking for a good place to raise a family and your family income is $75K or higher, this is a safe choice. The main downside is cost of living, daycare for two kids is $1800 a month (it was less than $1000 a month where I used to live). We will likely stay living here for a couple more years. There are places nearby though where you can get a lot more for less, but you may sacrifice the quality of education or get higher crime rates (see Elgin).
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Bartlett Illinois: A Place to Raise a Family

I currently live in Bartlett, Illinois. This place is an excellent place for my family and has become my favorite place that I have ever lived in. There are so many positives about the place I currently reside in. There are so many amenities, the crime rate is extremely low, the education here is great, and the cost of housing is great. I am a lover of a community. I enjoy having neighbors who I can say hello to each day. What I love most about the area that I am currently living in is the fact that it is the perfect place to bring up a family. My current occupation is a stay at home mom. I have four kids, so it is extremely important to me to have a close by school along with a close market. Everything here is close by which makes local restaurants, movie theaters, and boutiques easily accessible. With the cost of gasoline, I actually prefer not to drive when I don't have to. The education system here is also top notch. All my children are in orchestra and have traveled thanks to the amazing program that their middle school has. Though there are many perks such as low crime rate and the many amenities that Bartlett has to offer, there are some downsides. The weather here is a bit unpredictable. I am a lover of warm and sunny air. That is why, when it comes to a winter in Illinois, I tend to over bundle up. Another problem is the cost of living is quite high. Though this does not affect my family as much because I shop on a day to day basis and I do not drive as much.
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