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A Few Memorable Places in Baltimore

I lived in Baltimore as a child, and grew up in Ruxton, one of the suburbs on the outskirts of the city, and I have many pleasant memories of my visits downtown. I was a teen-ager during the Renaissance of the 70's and early 80's, so I got to see the evolution of the Inner Harbor. I was around twelve when the Science Center opened. Before that, the main attractions I can remember were the USS Constellation, the first U.S. Navy vessel, and the USS Torsk, a WWII submarine. I'd always thought the Torsk looked cool, because it had a shark's mouth painted on it. If I remember correctly, the Science Center was the first addition made to the Inner Harbor. Then came Harborplace, which consists of two buildings full of shops and restaurants. One of these was Phillips Seafood, which served excellent crabs. (I don't remember if it's still there. It's been awhile since I've visited.) The National Aquarium, which opened around the time I graduated from high school, can be described as "expensive but worth it." It has a mix of permanent and temporary exhibits. The permanent exhibits include a dolphin show, an Australian exhibit, and sharks. The temporary exhibits have included such surprisingly cool creatures as jellyfish and seadragons, which are related to seahorses. Baltimore has many restaurants, both in and out the of Inner Harbor. I used to like having breakfast at Captain James Landing, a seafood restaurant that serves all three meals. As I recall, they made very good pancakes. The restaurant's building design can best be described as "idiosyncratic," as it was constructed and painted to look like a docked ship. That design got it a mention in the book Weird Maryland by Matt Lake.
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Baltimore the worst place to live

I have lived here my whole life and have seen Baltimore go from a nice city to the worst city to live in. You may have the inner harbor area, Little Italy and a few other places but if you venture out in other areas(the hood) it is worth your life. Baltimore is a dirty, poor, gang ridden city, corrupted politicans, no jobs. Some areas look like 3rd war country and drugs are on every corner. Even the inner harbor has gotten worse. I would not recommend anyone move here. I am getting out soon and never going to look back at this town again.
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Busniess in Baltimore

Although Maryland has high taxes, Baltimore is a great place to conduct business. The business community here in Baltimore is supportive of each other. Baltimoreans coexist like no others city. Regardless of religion, political view, race, gender, income, and education level everyone appears to get along well and are polite and respectful. The culture here in Baltimore is best described as majestic, the vibe and energy is second to none. Maryland Schools System is always ranked in the top 3 of the nation (high taxes at work). The Baltimore metropolitan area is a true model for the nation. I would greatly recommend businesses and families consider Baltimore for its home.
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How Baltimore Grew on Me

I have lived in Baltimore for the last five years of my life. At first, I was not too thrilled about living here. I had moved to Baltimore from New York City, and found Baltimore to be pretty pale in comparison. However, as time went on, I began to see an upside to the new city that I was living in. The Inner Harbor Pier is a fun place to walk around with friends and family during the weekends. There is a shopping mall right at the pier, and lots of dining options as well. I am particularly fond of Ruth's Christ Steakhouse since they make the best filet mignon that I have ever tasted. Another thing that I enjoy about going to the Inner Harbor Pier is visiting the city's main attractions. The National Aquarium in Baltimore has many different sea creatures for me to be dazzled by. Plus there is a cool dolphin show that is definitely not to be missed. The other main attraction in Baltimore is the Maryland Science Center. The place is full of great exhibits that are well-fitted for both children and adults. One of the major highlights of the Maryland Science Center is the daily live shows in the planetarium. Also, there is an IMAX theatre that offers many different science-related films. In Baltimore, the weather can vary greatly day-by-day. It can be freezing one day, then nice and sunny the next. I am not too thrilled about that since it makes it hard to get used to weather. But other than that, Baltimore is a pretty nice place to live.
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Baltimore - Orioles, Golf and Much More!

My brother lives in Baltimore and I visit him there frequently. It is a trip I enjoy making, because there are so many fun things to do there. My brother is an Orioles fan; so naturally, we end up attending a lot of baseball games. One of the great things about visiting Oriole Park is that it is really close to a lot of unique Baltimore restaurants on the Inner Harbor. My favorite place to eat is Mo's Fisherman's Wharf, which is funny because I'm not really a big sea food person. But I love the crab cakes and salmon that they serve. My brother usually goes for the lobster. There are many other great restaurants in Baltimore that we also visited in the downtown area. My other favorite pastime in Baltimore is golfing. I am by no means a talented golfer, but my brother and his wife are, so when I visit, I usually end up making a fool of myself at one of Baltimore's many golf courses. We usually visit Rocky Point or Diamond Ridge. No matter what we end up doing, I always end up having a good time when I visit the city of Baltimore.
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