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Arlington Heights, IL - A Fun Place to Visit!

A couple of friends and I were traveling east toward the end of summer. We decided to take a mini road trip heading back to school and luckily landed in Arlington Heights. If you don't think there is anything to do or see in Arlington Heights then you're crazy! We got to visit the Arlington Heights Memorial library which wasn't much, but the people were nice. The Metropolis Performing Arts Center had an amazing variety of shows, and being a theater major I loved to see the great actors perform. The Prairie Brass Band is a small charity ensemble which sound great! I was surprised to hear them sounding so wonderful, because most charity groups just sound Ok. They have a kiddie theme park, but of course we didn't go, but it would be cool for children. But the best thing of all was the Arlington International Race Course! Everyone had a great time at the Arlington Park, where you can see horses race and even go down and see them afterward which was cool. If you like the casino then you will have a great time at the track, and you can eat affordable snacks and they have drinks. Definitely worth the trip!
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