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Living In Apopka, FL 5 rating By Anonymous ( Aug 18, 2015) I live in Apopka, FL and I relocated there from Kansas for work and its been a very adventurous place. I love outdoor activities and sun so these was pretty much the perfect place. Apopka isn't one of the major cities like Tampa, Orlando or Miami, it isn't too crowded. I also lik ...Read More e that these places are close enough for me to drive to so I can still enjoy them. A few of the many activities I enjoy are O-Town Watersports, JumpARooni, Lakeland Motorsports Park and of course Universal Studios Orlando. Its about a 15 to 20 minute drive depending on the traffic.

My Neighborhood is Tangerine and I'm happy with it. It not to busy but has a lot of nice restaurants and parks nearby. A big plus for me, unlike many of the other neighborhoods, Tangerine rests right near Lake Apopka. You can swim, boat, fish or my favorite, horseback riding on the trails behind the lake. There is very little crime and the schools in the neighborhood are good. The houses are very well landscaped in the community and people are generally friendly. The top three restaurants in Apopka are Back Room Steakhouse, Catfish Place and the Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant.

As far as nightlife goes if you like a lot of dancing and fast music then Fenix nightclub is the one for you. I personally like a more laid back environment which is the Blue Jeans Lounge. Another great fun place at night is Froggers Grill & Bar. They have pool, poker, games and trivia. They have great burgers and wings, and I've never had a bad beer there. Altamonte Mall is very close to Apopka, Fl and I frequently go there to watch movies at AMC theater. Read Less
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Northwest Recreation Complex
Apopka Athletic Complex
Tom Staley Historical Park
Apopka Station
Alonzo Williams Park


Apopka Amphitheater
Regionals Theater
Museum of the Apopkans

Food & Drink

Pizza Hut
Porkie's Original BBQ
El Potro
Taco Riendo
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4% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

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2% lower than the US average

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