Key findings

  • Anderson has a Livability Score of 67/100, which is considered average
  • Anderson crime rates are 26% higher than the South Carolina average
  • Cost of living in Anderson is 7% lower than the South Carolina average
  • Anderson real estate prices are 14% lower than the South Carolina average
  • Rental prices in Anderson are 20% lower than the South Carolina average

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      Not So Great

      I have lived and worked in Anderson on and off since 2007 so I feel confident in my review. That being said, here it is: there are some nice, quiet areas but those are often punctuated by horrible areas where you wouldn't want to go at night. The rough areas are not confined to certain sections of the town/county . You can have half a dozen nice streets in a row then bam! Two or three sketchy streets then back to nice ones. The city water can be pretty skunky at times. You can find relatively reasonably priced homes for sale but don't expect a great sense of community; people mostly keep to themselves unless they want something. I can't vouch for rent costs as I have not rented in the area. I also cannot vouch for the school system as I did not attend school in Anderson County, nor do I have children in school here.Recently, I have noticed a serious litter problem throughout the county. The roads are in pretty bad shape. You WILL be dodging a lot of pot holes, rough train tracks no longer in use, and there is massive flash flooding on some of the major roads such as Clemson Blvd and the 28 Bypass. A lot of the crime in Anderson County does not make it on the news so you really have to do your homework. There are jobs to be had; most are retail, food service, and temp agencies.There area a lot of restaurants but they are mostly your typical chains; McDonald's, Burger King, Applebee's, KFC, Cracker Barrel, etc. Not a lot in the way of family owned/operated, local fare. Be very cautious of most of the Chinese restaurants. There's a decent variety of shopping. There are a few bars but not a thriving nightlife.The hospital is old and not really equipped to deal with such a large population so the ER often overflows beyond reason. It can also be really difficult to find a doctor who accepts new patients; especially family doctors. There are a good many dentist and chiropractic offices to choose from though. Overall, it's not the worst place you could pick to live, but it certainly isn't great either. The biggest attraction by far is Lake Hartwell. There are various other little lakes around too. Really, that's about the only attraction. Main Street in downtown Anderson has some interesting art installations.
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      Anderson South Carolina is Electric City

      I moved to South Carolina in 1998 and I've been living in Anderson for the last 3 years. I enjoy the small town atmosphere in Anderson, South Carolina. The culture here is very friendly and you have all of the basic necessities of life such as restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues. In fact, the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center is one of the largest amphitheater parks in South Carolina. One of the best areas in Anderson to live is around the Anderson Memorial Stadium.

      Anderson University is one of the structures around the stadium and provides higher education for a reasonable price for high school graduates in South Carolina. I have raised my family here in Anderson and I love the environment and the close proximity to the major city Greenville, South Carolina. If you're looking for a great small town with all the amenities you need to live and enjoy a small town environment Anderson would be a great place to move.
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      Reason for reporting
      Source: The Anderson, SC data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).