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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Alexandria, VA

Prioritizing safety is essential when contemplating a move to a new location. There are certain areas to avoid in Alexandria, as they exhibit higher than normal crime rates. Routine activities like walking alone at night or leaving vehicles unattended can inadvertently trigger criminal acts, particularly in neighborhoods considered high-risk. Alexandria serves as an illustrative case of a city grappling with such concerns, primarily due to its expansive size and high population density. Drawing from recent crime data, we've compiled a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Alexandria for 2024. These rankings are predicated on the incidence of violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery and assault) per 100,000 residents in each neighborhood, juxtaposed against the city's overall violent crime average. Our identification of the most worst neighborhoods in Alexandria is grounded in crime data furnished by the local law enforcement agency, supplemented by demographic data estimates where official statistics are unavailable.

Recognizing the human impact behind each statistic is crucial, as it represents individuals and families affected by the devastation of violent crime. The rankings of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Alexandria not only provides insight into areas requiring immediate attention, but also mobilizes collective action to safeguard the safety and welfare of all Alexandria residents. Through fostering collaboration and dialogue among residents, Alexandria can work towards a future where every neighborhood embodies security, safety, resilience and opportunity. Navigating the intricate terrain of urban safety demands a multifaceted approach beyond mere statistical analysis. This involves addressing underlying socio-economic disparities, fortifying community-police relationships and implementing comprehensive strategies for violence prevention and intervention. By nurturing a culture of inclusivity, equity, and empowerment, Alexandria can navigate a path towards a brighter and safer future for all its residents.

Population 679
Violent Crimes 513 crimes / 100k people
176% more crime than Alexandria
Population 617
Violent Crimes 372 crimes / 100k people
100% more crime than Alexandria
Population 6,798
Violent Crimes 369 crimes / 100k people
98% more crime than Alexandria
Population 7,734
Violent Crimes 279 crimes / 100k people
50% more crime than Alexandria
Population 2,909
Violent Crimes 255 crimes / 100k people
37% more crime than Alexandria
Population 24,852
Violent Crimes 250 crimes / 100k people
34% more crime than Alexandria
Population 2,163
Violent Crimes 188 crimes / 100k people
1% more crime than Alexandria
Population 22,510
Violent Crimes 186 crimes / 100k people
equal to Alexandria
Population 28,354
Violent Crimes 179 crimes / 100k people
4% less crime than Alexandria
Population 4,855
Violent Crimes 176 crimes / 100k people
5% less crime than Alexandria
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