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Leaving My Heart In Albany

I lived in Albany, Oregon for almost six months back in 2005. I relocated to California from Albany only because my husband had a military transfer that we could not refuse. While living in Albany I pretty much got to check out everything that the city had to offer. Out of all the things in Albany to do I have to say my favorite was spending time at the lake in Waverly Park. It was so peaceful there and the views were like they were straight out of a dream. The best part of the lake was the paddle boats that you could rent if you didn't feel like just floating around the lake. I honestly think I rented a paddle boat at least 30 plus times during my stay in Albany. It was that good! As I am an outdoor enthusiast, I also enjoyed fishing and camping in Albany. The city surprisingly offered a large amount of spots for me to do these things, so I never really got bored of going to the same place over and over. Anyone who is like me would fall in love with Albany for the exact same reasons I did. Putting aside outdoor activities, I also enjoyed going out to eat quite a bit with my husband. There were tons of different places to choose from, so we tried to always choose a different restaurant every week just to be spontaneous. Sometimes we would find a place we didn't really care for, but 90% of the time we always loved the food and the waitress we got. All in all there is not much bad things I can say about the city, just good things, and the fact that I miss my home in Albany terribly bad.
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