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A Gorgeous City: West Palm Beach, FL

Living in West Palm Beach is like living in a dream for its lucky residents. This city is one of the most wealthy in the world and has some of the most high end shopping you will ever find. Some of the most famous people in the country flock to Palm Beach as their source of relaxation and "living the good life." Donald Trump, Venus and Serena Williams, and Rod Stewart are just a few of the famous names residing in West Palm Beach. The city has everything to offer that one could imagine. Personally, I absolutely adored the year I lived in West Palm Beach. It was one of the most fantastic years of my life, due to the high quality restaurants and beaches in the area. One great thing I did was take a boat tour of the wealthy homes on the beach in West Palm Beach. This was quite the adventure, as someone who knew little about the magnificence of West Palm Beach. There are also plenty of great nightclubs in West Palm Beach. You are likely to spot a celebrity if you do decide to vacation or live in West Palm Beach! This city has everything to offer you.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 27, 2010
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