Florida Cities

Cities With A High Livability Score
1.Indian Creek
2.South Beach
3.Palm Beach
4.Gulf Stream
5.Jupiter Inlet Colony
6.Lazy Lake
7.Highland Beach
8.Key Biscayne
9.Sea Ranch Lakes
Cities With A Low Livability Score
2.Yeehaw Junction
5.Lake Lindsey
7.Charleston Park
10.Jacob City

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Florida: The Sunshine State

Home of Disney World, the Kennedy Space Center, South Beach and the Keys. If you want fun in the sun this is the place to be. There is no shortage of tourist accommodations in this state. Beachfront hotels, family restaurants and amusement parks are everywhere. Florida is also a great place to live and raise a family. Northern Florida has a very low cost of living and has access to many State Parks as well as plenty of coastline. Southern Florida is a bit more expensive but is home to a diverse population and many attractions.

Florida is currently a buyer's market for homes and even apartment rentals. Generally the closer to the Ocean or the further south, the more expensive. Some of Florida's larger cities have problems with high crime rates but its many suburbs and small towns make for a safe area to live. There are plenty of jobs; Florida is a major manufacturing, financial and tourism hub. The weather is fantastic. Florida sees average temperatures in the eighties during the summer and low seventies in the winter. Rain storms usually last only a few hours and you'll never have to worry about shoveling snow. A great place in Florida to visit is Universal Studios in Orlando. This park features many rides and roller coasters and makes a great day trip or weeklong vacation. The complex also features a water park and nightlife area. There are hundreds of hotels in the area to choose from with several located at the park itself.

If you are contemplating moving, relocating or traveling to Florida we can certainly help. In our Florida travel guide you will find photos, city and neighborhood reviews, local business listings and a helpful question and answer section.

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Florida Overview

State nicknameThe Sunshine State
CapitalTallahassee, FL
Largest CityJacksonville, FL
Population (2013)18,885,152
Pop. density (per sq. mi.)293.6
Area (sq. mi.)65,795
Pct. water17.9%
Bordering statesGeorgia