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Titusville is up and coming--again

I gave this review 5 stars (not 4 and 1/2) and the rate the local amenities would not let me put in what I wanted, so disregard them please.I have lived in Titusville or Mims since 1984. I have seen the booms and the busts. Titusville has come back from the post shuttle bust with a mighty boom. I thank Robin Fisher and the Titusville Renaissance for this. There is a new outdoor mall scheduled to open soon with a state of the art movie theater on U.S. 1 on the site of the old Miracle City mall. Hobby Lobby has already opened with Pet Supermarket and Bealls coming next. There are new housing developments and luxury apartments being built and several new businesses on highway 50. There are plenty of things to do such as going to Playalinda Beach, enjoying the Kennedy Space Center, walking or cycling on the birding trail---there is even a craft beer place that seems to get a lot of business and a newly installed water playground for the kids at Sand Point Park. I am still shocked when I sit at the intersection of SR 405 and Highway 50 and see the amount of cars coming in from 95 and west from Orlando. It seems that Titusville will not be a small city much longer. The hotels always seem full of people (even the old motels on U.S. 1). There are two high schools, two middle schools and several elementary schools. There is a state college and a state of the art hospital. We are 45 minutes from Orlando, Daytona and Melbourne. The weather is hot, sticky and buggy most of the time, but that's what A/Cs are for! Come January or February the weather is beautiful with no bugs--so it's a trade-off. It sure beats having to shovel snow! There are 2 Publix Supermarkets, 2 Winn Dixie Supermarkets, and Aldi, a Target with a grocery section and a Super Wal Mart. I hope I don't sound too much like a travel brochure, but, seriously, this place is so much better than it was! There is crime here, but only if you are in an area where there is crime. It is mostly drug related or car theft. The north side of Titusville is not bad, it's just quiet because most of the businesses are located in the south side of town.As for the restaurants, we have Cracker Barrel, Dixie Crossroads, Durango's Steakhouse, Shilo's, Panda Express, Kelsey's Pizza, Beef O'Brady's, Chef Larry's, Bagel 13, and all the usual fast food joints and local eateries. We are supposed to get a Panera soon at Titus Landing. Don't listen to the Titusville naysayers! There is plenty of ethnic diversity here--it's a great place to live and raise a family or retire or just to be single. Oh yes, there seems to be more parades and festivals here than there were previously. It's great for the community as a whole.
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Musical MaryPosted on Apr 09, 2017
This is the nicest place to live in Florida

It is along a salt water river (Indian River,) and has a large National Seashore nearby (Canaveral.) It is inland enough to escape the worst damage from hurricanes. Titusville is forty miles east of Orlando on Florida's east coast. There are some very nice sections to live in (especially the south side. ) Homes are affordable and the cost of living is very average. There are some good restaurants, but two of the best non-chain ones are Davids and Dixie Crossroads. The population has a large elderly component (but not as high as other parts of Florida.) It is a fairly quiet place, but amenities are not as good as they once were. Miracle City Mall closed. Morrisons Cafeteria closed. Titusville is lucky enough to still have a service station (on Garden Street) and several thrift stores. Cocoa is just about 15 miles south, and Daytona Beach is about 40 miles north (there is a Piccadilly Cafeteria in Volusia Mall.
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donna /gary hornockPosted on Jan 30, 2014
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