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The Woodlands Reviews

More than A Standard Community - Woodlands, TX has it All
Recommended for Couples, Families
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I lived in The Woodlands, TX briefly when I was relocated to the greater <a href="" title="Houston City Guide">Houston</a> area and was seeking a community that had everything in one location. Though this is a master planned community, the feeling you get living in The Woodlands is along the lines of living at a resort. The community itself has a good mix of locals and transplants, like myself, which makes for an interesting mix of residents.

The Woodlands, all within the confines of the complex, has school ranging from preschools to traditional schools, and is also home to the Academy for Lifelong Learning which is a continuing education program for seniors. The fact even the Lone Star College has a location on site for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs adds to the cultural commitment of the area.

The Village center is the hot spot for finding small restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers who call this place home as well. The ample walking trails, biking paths and even the neighborhood park make this a place you can feel comfortable living and raising a family. Though not much exists in the way of fine dining and nightlife, the fact that <a href="" title="Houston City Guide">Houston</a> is mere miles away makes this truly a relaxing place to live. You can enjoy the relaxation of your home, and then hop down the highway one or two exits and be right in the heart of the big city when you feel the need.