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Providence, RI - A Great Place to Raise a Family

I lived in the city of Providence, RI for four years. Providence has a unique culture that draws some of its best elements from being a seaside port, a historical landmark and Boston's southward neighbor. Providence is a place where arts and dining truly shine. In recent years, Providence has become known for its environmental art show, WaterFire, where people gather in the streets downtown to see a series of bonfires lit just above the surface of the canals running through the city, to a backdrop of classical music. The atmosphere is incredible. It is a beautiful way to experience the city on a summer evening, especially for those lucky enough to reserve an outdoor table at one of Providence's fine dining restaurants. Overall, Providence is a small city that has mastered the blend between being a hip college town, a comfortable place to raise a family and a sophisticated travel destination. Really, it should be in a category all its own.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 05, 2010
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