Best Places to Live in Rhode Island

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live in Rhode Island by using a Livability Score out of 100. The Livability Score for each city in Rhode Island is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. Rhode Island has a population of 1,052,471 and a population density of 679.8. The capital city is Providence and the largest city in Rhode Island is Providence. To filter the results, use the filters on the left to sort by state, population and category.
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Rank City Livability Ame­nities Cost of Living Crime Edu­cation Emp­loyment Housing Weather
1Watch Hill, RIPopulation: 20787C+AA+AAA+C
2Narragansett Pier, RIPopulation: 4,02581A+FA+AC+AC
3Wakefield-Peacedale, RIPopulation: 8,51180A+FAABAC
4Newport East, RIPopulation: 11,17779A+FAB+BAC
5Wyoming, RIPopulation: 15479C+ABBBB+C
6Ashaway, RIPopulation: 1,48378FAA+AB+B+C
7Greenville, RIPopulation: 8,92878AFAAB+B+D+
8Kingston, RIPopulation: 6,70978B+FB+ABAC
9Harmony, RIPopulation: 1,21878DAA+BBB+D+
10Westerly, RIPopulation: 17,71277A+DB+BBB+C
11Clayville, RIPopulation: 21677FAB+B+A+B+C
12Cranston, RIPopulation: 80,44677A+DBBBB+C
13Cumberland Hill, RIPopulation: 8,35677B+DAAB+B+D+
14Warwick, RIPopulation: 82,69876ADB+B+BBC
15East Providence, RIPopulation: 47,14576A+DAC+C+B+C
16Chepachet, RIPopulation: 1,31776CDA+B+B+B+D+
17Newport, RIPopulation: 24,37676A+FDABAC
18Misquamicut, RIPopulation: 41276DFA+AB+A+C
19Quonochontaug, RIPopulation: 44175FFA+A+AA+C
20Hope Valley, RIPopulation: 1,64975D+DA+ABAC
21Valley Falls, RIPopulation: 11,53375ADB+C+BB+D+
22Weekapaug, RIPopulation: 32074DFA+AC+AC
23Greene, RIPopulation: 1,01674FFA+AAB+C
24Tiverton, RIPopulation: 7,35874C+DB+BBB+C
25Pascoag, RIPopulation: 3,81474C+DA+BC+BD+
26Carolina, RIPopulation: 1,39473FFA+B+B+B+C
27Pawtucket, RIPopulation: 71,24672A+DCCCBC
28Harrisville, RIPopulation: 2,52570FDA+C+BB+D+
29Providence, RIPopulation: 178,18570A+DDCCBC
30Woonsocket, RIPopulation: 41,24470A+DDCCBD+
31Melville, RIPopulation: 1,81369FACA+CCC
32Bradford, RIPopulation: 1,57469FDA+CCB+C
33Central Falls, RIPopulation: 19,37465A+D+DFDBD+
34Foster Center, RIPopulation: 31664FDBCDB+D+
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