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Don't move here if you have children

This is the worst place on earth the live. My family and I stayed way to long. Here is why. Poquoson is broke. The teachers have not had raises in years so they churn though them. The high school graduation rate is high because They turn a blind eye to so many things. I personally know half a dozen children have graduated illiterate. There is absolutely nothing to do So drugs what kids turn to. They just put in a local smoke shop and now young children are finding ways to take up smoking. The crime rate at this time is low but as they try and bring people in and they are attracting the wrong crowd ! The low income apartments and trailer park is what's bringing in new people. If your single hey yah it's at this time a quiet place. Don't come here to raise your family and if you do keep tabs on your kids and send them to private school.
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RichardsonPosted on May 10, 2017
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