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Not For The Elite People

Poplar Bluff is a horrible place to live. People are rude and greedy. There is not much here so people gossip and do whatever they can to find entertainment. Women are so scare another women is going to take her husband. Have major insecurity issues because they never get outside of this town. Anything more attractive than them they freak out. Since there are not jobs and money is tight people try to suck every dollar he or she can out of you. Rent is very high because real estate agents own most of the property and are greedy. The biggest jobs here are Briggs and Stratton and Gates. Entertainment for kids is bowling alley when available, skating rank that is nasty, and a water park in the summer with sky high prices. I can go to St. Louis to Six Flags cheaper than the water park. Churches are good but not the best. In this town churches are probably the best thing here. Most people are in bed clothes by 8pm and gone to bed at 9 or 10. Cops really do not seem to do much. I have live here for 10 years and its not getting better. There seems to be more food places in business. Some new food businesses going up. I guess people eat here a lot. If you happen to find a good job here do not talk about increasing your potential. People will get scare that you will improve better than them and try to get you fired. I plan on moving away quickly cuz this place has a nickname called Crazy Town.
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NisaPosted on Mar 05, 2015
Not for families!

I've lived here many years and honestly it a terrible place to live. It's even worse if you have kids. There's no jobs here. The biggest employers here are/were Nordine, Briggs & Stratton, and Gates. Nordine shut down and is moving to Mexico, Briggs isn't far behind. No other job opportunities are available unless you want to work two or three minimum wage fast food jobs. That is if you're lucky enough to get one. The schools are terrible. The only way to get your kid in a half decent school is if you are a doctor, lawyer, or have some other really high paid job. If you have a child with special needs there are no services or help here and they're treated unfairly by the staff at the schools. There's a lot of problems with teen pregnancies & drugs. Also if you have kids watch out for nosey neighbors and DFS. They'll find any reason they can to take your kids. Also if you're a home owner I would recommend either a security system or a shot gun because if you get robbed, raped, assaulted in any way , you're going to have to be the one to take care of it because the city police won't do anything about it. Shopping here sucks. We have a few strip type malls and a Wal-Mart. We also have 4 grocery stores. There's a bowling ally and a skating rink but not much else for the kids to do. The only way to survive here is to either be rich and well off already or live on welfare and keep your kids locked up for fear of something happening to them. Cost of living might be lower here but when there's no jobs or ways to make money and all your stuff gets stolen anyway it's not worth it. I'm amazed this town got the rating it did with everything that happens here. Really the only thing it might have going for it is if you're passing through there's plenty of places to eat. There's more restaurants here than anything else. And the only night life they have here are the several bars where the drunks hang out. There's also a large selection of churches . That's the only "good" part of the community.There's a selection wanting to know who I would recommend this place to and honestly I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
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mom_of_2Posted on Aug 13, 2013
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