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If you're a redneck who plans to stay put and wants a few stable grocery stores and possibly clean restaurants, but doesn't care about the quality of those restaurants, or about nightlife, or attractions, or the amenities of a larger town, this place may be for you. I lived in Ponca City for nearly 4 years, moving there from the Chicago area. It was a big leap for us, and there were some good parts and some bad. It's hard to make really deep friendships as most people have their own friends they've probably known their entire lives, but if you're fortunate to actually find friends, they'll be willing to bend over backwards for you. The community, in general, is good. The area is also quite beautiful, with two lakes nearby and the rolling ranch land of north central Oklahoma spreading every direction for miles. You're also equidistant from Wichita, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, at about 2 hours to each of those. If you really fancy some fancy food or events, you'll have to make the drive, and it isn't super easy, especially in the bitter winter storms. We enjoyed out time there, in general, but were glad to move on after a few years.
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music2myearPosted on Oct 19, 2015
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