Kensington, Philadelphia, PA Crime Rates & Statistics

Kensington, Philadelphia crime information

StatisticKensington /100KPhiladelphia /100KPennsylvania /100K
Violent crime1,408 (estimate)1,099335
Property crime4,408 (estimate)3,4422,061
Total crime index5,816 (estimate)4,5412,396
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  • The estimated Kensington crime index is 28% higher than the Philadelphia average and and the Philadelphia crime index is 89% higher than the Pennsylvania average.
  • The estimated Kensington violent crime rate is 28% higher than the Philadelphia average and and the Philadelphia violent crime rate is 227% higher than the Pennsylvania average.
  • The estimated Kensington property crime rate is 28% higher than the Philadelphia average and and the Philadelphia property crime rate is 66% higher than the Pennsylvania average.

Kensington, Philadelphia police department

Law enforcement employees (officers & civilians)n/a7,36014,701
Police officers /1000 residentsn/a4.81.8
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Did you know?

  • Kensington is safer than 30.4% of the neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
  • The crime rate in Kensington, Philadelphia is less than 1% of the cities in Pennsylvania.
  • The estimated chance of being a victim of a crime in Kensington is 1 in 18.
  • The estimated chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Kensington is 1 in 72.
  • The estimated chance of being a victim of a property crime in Kensington is 1 in 23.

Philadelphia crime comparison

City comparison Cost of living comparison Crime comparison

Philadelphia crime overview

When considering taking up residency in a city, one might research the crime rates before making their decision. A crime index is determined by an annual report conducted by the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI. The crime index is a standardized statistic that allows one to compare city, state, and national crime ratings against one another. For example, when comparing the state of Pennsylvania in its entirety, Philadelphia Pennsylvania's crime index is 93% higher than the average crime index of 22% for the state. Furthermore, Philadelphia's violent crime rate is rated at 232% higher than Pennsylvania's average. To put this percentage in perspective, the state of Pennsylvania's crime rate is 9% lower than the national average and 24% lower in property crime too. However, despite the lower average for the state compared to national, Philadelphia's crime rate is still higher 70% higher than the state average. The crime index gives one perspective through comparison. The types of crime evaluated in Philadelphia consist of the following: assault, robbery, and murder. Assault is the highest, with an average of 563 instances per 100,000 residents. Robbery is averaged at 519 instances per 100,000 and murder is the lowest crime at an average of 22 per 100,000. However, the crime index is not the only useful statistic to evaluate when considering residency. Crime index ratings can paint a bigger picture and enlighten residents when compared against national crime index averages.

Crime statistics aside, one might be surprised to know that Philadelphia is actually still statistically safer than 8.4% of all U.S cities. In fact, the crime rate of Philadelphia is actually less than 1% of all the cities in Pennsylvania. Meaning the crime index in Philadelphia does not necessarily represent the crime index of all Pennsylvania cities. Yes, Philadelphia is one of the largest cities in Pennsylvania, therefore it makes up a large portion of the crime index for the state average. However, One may be surprised to know that the odds of becoming a victim in Philadelphia is estimated at only 1 in 21 or .05% on average. So regardless the crime index, the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime is very small. The chances of becoming a victim of violent crime is even less likely with only an estimated 1 in 87 residents or .01% average reported. Lastly, property crime victims are estimated at 1 in 28 or .04% average. The low likelihood of crime, violence, and property theft or destruction may be attributed to the number of police officers in the city. Because Philadelphia is a large metropolitan city, it is not surprising the number of police officers is estimated at 7,360. This equates to 4.8 police officers per 1000 people. Considering there are only an estimated 14,701 total officers in all of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia's police officers make up nearly half of the states law enforcement. The number of police officers per resident is 161.9% greater than the state average and 46.4% greater than that of the national average.


Philadelphia violent crime breakdown

CrimePhiladelphiaPhiladelphia /100KPennsylvania /100KNational /100K

Philadelphia property crime breakdown

CrimePhiladelphiaPhiladelphia /100KPennsylvania /100KNational /100K
Vehichle theft5,791373108221

Sex offenders in Pennsylvania

StateTotal offendersPennsylvania /100KNational /100K

There are a total of 17,973 sex offenders in Pennsylvania. This yields a total of 146 sex offenders in Pennsylvania per 100,000 residents which is 34% less than the national average.

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