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I have lived in Glendale/Peoria for over two years now. If you enjoy 120 degree summers, 100% republican views and every one treating you like they're better than you; then this is the place to be. The same stores are on EVERY corner, few vegan/vegetarian options when dining out. Everyone here just gets drunk and watches the Cardinals. If I had known what I know now, trust I would not be writing this from my office in AZ. Please, unless you're a 55 year old republican, take my advice and move elsewhere.
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phenomPosted on Jul 25, 2017
Euphoria in Peoria, Arizona

I had the opportunity of visiting the city of Peoria in January of last year. I was traveling to California to visit my daughter. I was running ahead of schedule and pulled off my regular route to see Phoenix. While having breakfast the server told me about the Pleasant Valley RV Park and suggested I see if they had an opening. On the drive over I was impressed with the scenery and cleanliness Peoria. To see the views of Lake Pleasant every morning when I awoke was worth a kings fortune. Dining out was an experience of great pleasure as there were many great restaurants in Peoria. On my first evening I dined at Abuelo's. Upon entering and being greeted by statues of regal Mexicans was an eye opener. I could not truly enjoy the wonderful appetizer because I was to busy gazing at the ceiling. It is awesome. It is truly like being outside on a courtyard in Mexico City. That mellow yellow of the walls is so calming and soothing that you want to stay forever. Of course the food is tantalizing. I allowed the server to choose for me and I was impressed. Shrimp Enchiladas with Sherry Sauce. There is a real sense of safety in Peoria, as a woman traveling alone this was important. The friendly, helpful people were a delight and I had many memorable converstations with the Peoria locals. I truly wish to come again, and I will!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 10, 2010
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