Best Places to Live in Arizona

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live in Arizona by using a Livability Score out of 100. The Livability Score for each city in Arizona is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. Arizona has a population of 6,626,624 and a population density of 57.5. The capital city is Phoenix and the largest city in Arizona is Phoenix. To filter the results, use the filters on the left to sort by state, population and category.
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Rank City Livability Ame­nities Cost of Living Crime Edu­cation Emp­loyment Housing Weather
1Gilbert, AZPopulation: 208,85084A+D+AAB+B+A
2Scottsdale, AZPopulation: 219,86784A+DBABAA
3Carefree, AZPopulation: 3,39184B+FA+A+B+A+A
4Paradise Valley, AZPopulation: 13,02583B+FAA+A+A+A
5Cave Creek, AZPopulation: 5,04183AFAA+B+A+A
6Fountain Hills, AZPopulation: 22,67883A+DB+AB+AA
7Litchfield Park, AZPopulation: 5,17383A+DAAB+B+A
8Elgin, AZPopulation: 18582FB+B+A+BA+A
9Maricopa, AZPopulation: 41,62682B+AB+B+BC+A
10Tubac, AZPopulation: 1,01182BDA+A+BAA
11Peoria, AZPopulation: 154,56682AC+BB+BBA
12Chandler, AZPopulation: 237,45682A+CBABB+A
13Oro Valley, AZPopulation: 40,85782ADB+A+BB+A
14Valle Vista, AZPopulation: 2,24381AAB+B+CC+B+
15Surprise, AZPopulation: 115,00781AC+B+B+BBA
16Washington Park, AZPopulation: 10981AAB+A+C+AF
17Mesa, AZPopulation: 443,87581A+ACBC+BA
18Goodyear, AZPopulation: 64,71481B+CBB+BBA
19Buckeye, AZPopulation: 50,11581B+AB+C+BC+A
20Hackberry, AZPopulation: 4480FAB+AA+AB+
21Queen Creek, AZPopulation: 25,84980ADCAB+B+A
22Thatcher, AZPopulation: 4,80080C+BAB+BBA
23Anthem, AZPopulation: 23,12580ADC+AB+B+A
24Lake Havasu City, AZPopulation: 52,69680A+C+BB+CBA
25Wickenburg, AZPopulation: 6,52580AAC+BCBA
26Tempe, AZPopulation: 164,13980A+C+DB+C+BA
27Rio Verde, AZPopulation: 1,78879FDA+A+AA+A
28Phoenix, AZPopulation: 1,462,36879A+ADC+C+BA
29Glendale, AZPopulation: 229,33179A+ADBC+BA
30Huachuca City, AZPopulation: 2,06879DA+A+BCCA
31Sunwest, AZPopulation: 579B+ACA+D+CA
32Lazy Y U, AZPopulation: 46179FAB+AB+AB+
33Catalina Foothills, AZPopulation: 51,31979D+FB+A+B+AA
34Rincon Valley, AZPopulation: 4,68378FDAA+AAA
35Prescott, AZPopulation: 39,91678A+D+CACB+B
36Gold Canyon, AZPopulation: 10,23278CDB+ABB+A
37Sierra Vista, AZPopulation: 44,77478B+C+D+ABBA
38Prescott Valley, AZPopulation: 38,56878BABBCBB
39Round Valley, AZPopulation: 56078FAB+A+BAA
40Florence, AZPopulation: 25,86678B+A+A+FCCA
41Tanque Verde, AZPopulation: 16,87178FFB+A+B+AA
42Parker, AZPopulation: 3,12578AA+BD+CC+A
43Clacks Canyon, AZPopulation: 17178FAC+ABAB+
44Deer Creek, AZPopulation: 15978AAD+C+CBA
45Page, AZPopulation: 7,27378AAFB+BBB
46Sonoita, AZPopulation: 79778DDB+A+BAA
47Pima, AZPopulation: 2,86078CABB+C+CA
48Casa Grande, AZPopulation: 47,67578AA+DBCCA
49Sun City, AZPopulation: 37,84177AA+DB+CCA
50Oracle, AZPopulation: 3,82977DB+B+BC+BA
51Corona de Tucson, AZPopulation: 6,43377D+D+BAB+BA
52Avondale, AZPopulation: 75,29877A+ADCBC+A
53Kingman, AZPopulation: 28,12577A+A+DBCCB+
54Casas Adobes, AZPopulation: 68,47577B+CD+ABBA
55Sun City West, AZPopulation: 25,31477BC+CACBA
56New River, AZPopulation: 13,02477DDB+AB+AA
57Village of Oak Creek (Big Park), AZPopulation: 6,34877AFAABAF
58Whetstone, AZPopulation: 2,91477DA+B+BC+CA
59Sahuarita, AZPopulation: 24,64377FD+AABBA
60Tucson, AZPopulation: 521,69577A+B+FBCC+A
61Marana, AZPopulation: 34,52077DD+BABBA
62Citrus Park, AZPopulation: 4,05277FDAAB+AA
63Sun Lakes, AZPopulation: 13,86877CDBAC+B+A
64Safford, AZPopulation: 9,54977B+AD+C+CC+A
65Saddlebrooke, AZPopulation: 9,10376FFAA+BAA
66Fort Mohave, AZPopulation: 14,37676BAD+BCBA
67El Mirage, AZPopulation: 31,00176B+A+CCC+CA
68Chino Valley, AZPopulation: 10,79876BACBCBB
69Pinion Pines, AZPopulation: 28476FDB+B+A+AB+
70Flagstaff, AZPopulation: 65,66076A+DD+B+C+B+C
71Bisbee, AZPopulation: 5,59176AA+FBD+C+A
72Pine Lake, AZPopulation: 8576CDC+A+C+AB+
73San Tan Valley, AZPopulation: 77,46576BB+DB+BCA
74Sedona, AZPopulation: 10,13176A+FBAC+AF
75Benson, AZPopulation: 5,10176AA+D+C+D+D+A
76Green Valley, AZPopulation: 22,05076CCCACBA
77Eagar, AZPopulation: 4,86876C+BC+B+C+BB
78East Globe, AZPopulation: 9076ADCA+D+CA
79Williams, AZPopulation: 3,01476A+B+D+BCBC
80Black Canyon City, AZPopulation: 2,14876DAB+B+CC+A
81Joseph City, AZPopulation: 1,19076FA+B+AC+CC+
82Catalina, AZPopulation: 7,93275C+C+CB+C+BA
83Nogales, AZPopulation: 20,85875A+A+BFDCA
84Youngtown, AZPopulation: 6,08175AA+D+CCCA
85Snowflake, AZPopulation: 5,55975B+B+D+AC+C+C
86Cienega Springs, AZPopulation: 2,14575FAB+BCC+A
87Fort Valley, AZPopulation: 1,02775FFA+AB+AC
88Mohave Valley, AZPopulation: 2,70575FAB+BBCA
89Patagonia, AZPopulation: 60375CA+CBCC+A
90Williamson, AZPopulation: 6,28675FDAABAB
91Icehouse Canyon, AZPopulation: 70675C+BD+B+D+BA
92Tombstone, AZPopulation: 1,40175CA+BC+FD+A
93Arizona City, AZPopulation: 8,00275CA+DB+CD+A
94Tonopah, AZPopulation: 1775DACA+D+CA
95Globe, AZPopulation: 7,54475AA+FC+CCA
96Vail, AZPopulation: 9,81675FDC+AB+B+A
97Camp Verde, AZPopulation: 10,91575A+A+C+BCC+F
98Apache Junction, AZPopulation: 35,66375AA+DC+CD+A
99Cottonwood, AZPopulation: 11,29775A+A+D+B+CC+F
100Moccasin, AZPopulation: 13075FAD+ABBB+
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