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13 years in OAKLAND PARK

Sold my house in Oakland Park after 13 years, thanks God. City is a mess unless u are close to the City Hall or u are a business- 13 years having dogs from an animal hospital barking all day long. Emails, phone calls, nothing was done by the city - Trash removal for businesses at 4.00 am in the morning with extensive noise - what about noise city code - not applicable ? High property taxes for a city with no maintenance. After hurricane Wilm, had speed limit sign down in front of my house for almost 6 months. City is not concerned about residents, only businesses - i am glad i move out from that non properly managed city.
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pdbPosted on Oct 15, 2017
8 Years In Oakland Park, FL

I lived in Oakland Park Florida for about 8 years and I loved living there the entire time. I loved the beautiful sunlight year round with the exception of about 2 months of rainy season. There is of course the beautiful beach and great attractions to have lots of fun and keep everyone busy. Some of the attractions I loved were House of Glam Pop, Uncle Bernie's Theme Park, and getting some me time at Eden Massage & Spa. Also living in Oakland there are a ton of water sports and Aquatic Adventures and Management has para sailing, jet skiing and lot of other water activities. My neighborhood was twin lakes and its a middle class neighborhood and I experienced little to no crime or vandalism in the entire 8 years living there. Two of the more upscale communities are Coral Heights and Coral Woods. The main schools are Oakland Park Elementary and Northeast High School and Broward County Park is the local park. Its about 10 minutes from the beach and very close to great restaurants. My frequent restaurants are Oaki Steakhouse, Corinto Restaurants, Dixie Pig Bar-B-Q and for some great Sea Food Ceviche by The Sea. La Cucina Veneziana has excellent drinks and every year continues to get certificates of excellence. I didn't go out much but there are three main clubs in Oakland Park, Fl. Pure Platinum, Club Oz and Solid Gold. Pure Platinum has a younger crowd and younger music but I still had lots of fun there. Solid Gold plays the older music but has really great food and drinks. I do most of my shopping at Coral Ridge Mall. They have lots of high end brands and also a great nail shop there. The other mall I visited once was Northridge Shopping Center.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 18, 2015
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