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what i think of montrose

i have only lived here 6years, hated it since moving, alot of thiefs, take gas from car,damage property, city run by chamber, is not a city it is like a little village, with 5 main group of people making decisions they like, we have no city police ,no senior center, have vfw, 1 restaurant, gas station, 1 building school k-12,farm folks, many down to earth,no grocery store, and the charge us personal property tax, beside paying personal property tax to henry county, water bills slowly going higher, no public transportion, drugs i hear are big thing here in this little town,if i could sell my home at a profit id sell it and move far away from montrose, traffic on my little street is busy,gravel roads most of the streets, sheriff dept that we call are crooked, we have a no stop lists for our wealthist people, even if they are driving reckless, they arrest people and put in detention center,s while they investigate could take up to 3 months to get arraigned i can say i can still walk around town after dark without harm
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smorgan0385@gmail.comPosted on Nov 05, 2017
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