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Missouri City, TX - Warm Winter Climate

Having lived in Missouri City, TX for the past several years, I have come to find the city quite accommodating. Growing up in a much larger area, I have enjoyed the unique features this smaller community has had to offer. Perhaps the biggest advantage I have enjoyed here in Missouri City is the warmer winter climate. Up north where I came from, winters often lingered in sub zero range. The heavy snowfall made it difficult to commute to work, and I lost a lot of money in wages just having to call in on snow days. Here in Missouri City, I enjoy the winter climate, averaging in the upper sixties. On the other end, summers don't get exceedingly hot. The average July temperature tends to linger around 85 degrees, which is certainly tolerable. The attractions in Missouri City are diverse and interesting includig a wide variety of upscale golf clubs that I frequent. As a parent, I love the services offered by Gymboree Play and Music Center. This establishment, in addition to offering developmental classes, hosts creative and fun birthday parties. My kids love attending the classes they offer. While I have enjoyed getting away from the hustle and bustle of big city life, there are certain accommodations it has to offer that a smaller city just cannot, but, Missouri City only about a half hour drive to Houston. I have enjoyed very much being able to enjoy the more personalized aspect of the smaller community while still being close to a major metropolitan area. Missouri City, Texas is a wonderful place to call home. The people are pleasant and crime rate low. While it may be lacking in certain aspects one would experience in a larger city, Houston is just minutes away.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 23, 2012
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