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Cesspool! Don't even slow down or stop for the traffic light.

You know, we moved here and within four months somebody had tried to break into our home while we were at work. We had to pull our son from the High School because of the black kids bullying him for being white. The school bus driver who is black saw it and refused to do anything. The school police said it never happened, while we were filing the complaint. Amazing they determined that before we even finished filling out the complaint. The school scores worse then 85% of the rest of the state. We routinely lose sleep because of the loud music from our neighbors who live in relatively new homes but never actually leave their homes to go to work. I hope you like lots of loud hispanic music or window rattling bass because like it or not you are going to hear it and you will hear it inside your house over your TV. The roads are falling apart and the police station looks like an abandoned building but they have a nice new city management building. The rush hour traffic on 290 is insane! There is nothing here for culture that has any redeeming value. There is basically just fast food to eat. There is a multitude of places to buy alcohol though. The school board is some dysfunctional mess but they dumped money into the football stadium. Got to distract people from the race problems and constant police presence because of violence. Take a drive through the town and notice all the abandoned homes, boarded up homes, homes that people still live in despite they should be condemned. Even now I have my TV set to 75% of the volume and yet all I hear is loud shitty music coming through my walls. You should also know that the Community Propane company has a monopoly and you can expect to pay $290 a month for gas despite your thermostat being set to 67. Water? Yep, even with limited use you can expect to pay $130 a month. The biggest employers are a broken down Ford dealership and Walmart. That is all. Oh there is the Dollar General but to be honest the first time I saw it, I thought it was a crack house. We will not live here to the one year mark for our lease. We are paying a penalty to break the lease and move away. Far, far away from this cesspool of a town. I recommend at least 15mi to ensure you can't hear these idiots while you try to sleep and just far enough that they can't catch a ride on one of the CARTS buses to get to nicer neighborhoods, to screw up.
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Seriously?Posted on Mar 01, 2014
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