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Housing isn't great.

The base housing are awful. Prior to moving in, they cheaply and carelessly cover wall tears and other areas of the home. There are so many construction nails sticking out of the walls throughout the house that were once covered up and appeared a month after moving in. The HVAC system is bad and releasing a bad smell through the house when the heater and air comes on. The smell stays as long as the system runs. They've had to come out to our home several times in 3 years about the ac not working. They wont replace the HVAC system even when its rusted. We have mold on the top walls of our bathroom. They refuse to fix the walls where the paint is falling in huge chips. The wood under the carpet is creaking, dishwasher not working, stove and oven barely heats and sometimes won't heat at all. Management has very bad attitudes and dont seem to care about complaints. They speak as though complaints are an inconvenience to them. Maintenance must be unlicensed or licensed to do the minimum and are sent out (sometimes no-show) for things they aren't qualified to do. They make house visits and say they will be back but don't come back at all. Its April 2018 and I've been waiting since December 2017 for them to come for the walls and other fixtures. They never came. They (Balfour Beatty) are taking advantage of the military, making millions and aren't taking care of military families living in their homes.
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Lissette Posted on Apr 07, 2018
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