Best Places to Live in Montana

AreaVibes reveals the best places to live in Montana by using a Livability Score out of 100. The Livability Score for each city in Montana is calculated from a unique algorithm based on various metrics, including: amenities, cost of living, crime, education, employment, housing and weather. Montana has a population of 990,785 and a population density of 6.8. The capital city is Helena and the largest city in Montana is Billings. To filter the results, use the filters on the left to sort by state, population and category.
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Rank City Livability Ame­nities Cost of Living Crime Edu­cation Emp­loyment Housing Weather
1Gallatin River Ranch, MTPopulation: 6079BAAA+D+A+F
2Dillon, MTPopulation: 4,14978A+A+AACC+F
3Red Lodge, MTPopulation: 2,35378AC+AAC+BD
4Billings, MTPopulation: 104,37478A+AD+B+C+BD
5Ennis, MTPopulation: 88378BAA+ACBF
6South Glastonbury, MTPopulation: 34077BABA+D+B+D
7Livingston, MTPopulation: 7,07177A+ABBCBD
8Great Falls, MTPopulation: 58,49877A+A+CB+CC+F
9Laurel, MTPopulation: 6,76377AA+BBC+C+D
10Bigfork, MTPopulation: 4,35677A+DA+ACAF
11Four Corners, MTPopulation: 2,99877BDA+ABAF
12Miles City, MTPopulation: 8,42877A+A+B+B+CD+F
13Helena, MTPopulation: 28,38177A+AD+AC+BD
14Bozeman, MTPopulation: 37,61977A+CBA+CB+F
15Frenchtown, MTPopulation: 1,56677CCA+AB+BF
16Shelby, MTPopulation: 2,86477AA+AB+CCF
17Big Timber, MTPopulation: 1,57276C+A+AB+CC+D
18Santa Rita, MTPopulation: 6476FA+AA+A+BF
19Indian Springs, MTPopulation: 15176FAAA+A+AF
20Bridger, MTPopulation: 91776D+A+A+BCD+D
21Belgrade, MTPopulation: 7,43976A+B+C+ACBF
22Orchard Homes, MTPopulation: 5,49176B+D+B+AC+B+F
23Sidney, MTPopulation: 5,36076AA+B+BC+C+F
24Colstrip, MTPopulation: 2,39576FA+AAB+CF
25Kalispell, MTPopulation: 20,01676A+BCACBF
26Sedan, MTPopulation: 14675FAAA+B+AF
27Lolo, MTPopulation: 3,37475CC+AABBF
28Montana City, MTPopulation: 2,84575FDA+A+AAD
29East Helena, MTPopulation: 2,03175DAAAC+BD
30Libby, MTPopulation: 2,66775A+A+B+BDCD
31Joliet, MTPopulation: 61775DA+A+B+CC+D
32Columbus, MTPopulation: 1,98275CA+ABCC+D
33Black Eagle, MTPopulation: 1,06375B+A+ACD+D+D+
34Choteau, MTPopulation: 1,80875CA+AB+CCF
35Spokane Creek, MTPopulation: 19375FAAA+BB+D
36Townsend, MTPopulation: 2,04175CA+ABCCD
37Fort Benton, MTPopulation: 1,47875DA+AAC+CD+
38Hardin, MTPopulation: 3,51075B+A+B+BD+D+D
39Missoula, MTPopulation: 66,98275A+CCACB+F
40Ulm, MTPopulation: 57575FABAB+BF
41Helena West Side, MTPopulation: 1,30875DA+A+B+CBD
42Columbia Falls, MTPopulation: 4,69075AB+BB+CBF
43West Glendive, MTPopulation: 1,99775D+A+A+B+BC+F
44Marysville, MTPopulation: 7175FAAABBD
45West Havre, MTPopulation: 14675DAB+BB+B+F
46Deer Lodge, MTPopulation: 3,12474AA+BB+CD+F
47Glasgow, MTPopulation: 3,26874AA+BB+CCF
48Absarokee, MTPopulation: 1,09374FA+A+ACBD
49Baker, MTPopulation: 1,83274D+A+A+B+CD+F
50Whitefish, MTPopulation: 6,40274A+D+CACB+F
51Forsyth, MTPopulation: 1,82574D+A+AB+CCF
52Havre, MTPopulation: 9,42574A+A+D+B+CCF
53Butte-Silver Bow, MTPopulation: 33,15974A+A+CBCCF
54Biddle, MTPopulation: 3874FA+C+A+BBD
55Coram, MTPopulation: 45974DABAB+BF
56West Glacier, MTPopulation: 37274D+ABA+C+BF
57Happys Inn, MTPopulation: 6574FD+AA+B+A+F
58Clancy, MTPopulation: 1,55374FD+A+A+B+B+D
59Big Sky, MTPopulation: 2,26674DDA+A+BAF
60Plentywood, MTPopulation: 1,62674CA+A+AC+CF
61Fort Peck, MTPopulation: 20174FA+BA+BBF
62Lewistown Heights, MTPopulation: 45474DABB+ABF
63South Hills, MTPopulation: 34073FCAA+AAD
64Three Forks, MTPopulation: 1,63673FAA+AC+C+F
65Somers, MTPopulation: 1,11673DD+A+A+BBF
66Springhill, MTPopulation: 4273BACA+D+CF
67Evergreen, MTPopulation: 6,69673B+ABBD+BF
68Lewistown, MTPopulation: 5,89773A+A+CB+D+CF
69Jette, MTPopulation: 20373FD+AA+BAF
70White Sulphur Springs, MTPopulation: 1,01773D+A+AB+D+CD
71Roundup, MTPopulation: 1,82573CA+AC+CD+D
72Troy, MTPopulation: 86473C+A+A+CDCD
73Rocky Point, MTPopulation: 7273FD+AA+C+A+F
74Lockwood, MTPopulation: 6,60673CA+BC+CC+D
75Scobey, MTPopulation: 1,07973DA+AA+CD+F
76Park City, MTPopulation: 94573DAC+B+BC+D
77Bear Dance, MTPopulation: 41673FD+AA+BA+F
78Florence, MTPopulation: 77973C+CBB+C+B+F
79Glendive, MTPopulation: 4,99073BA+C+BCCF
80Forest Hill Village, MTPopulation: 22873FD+AA+BAF
81Philipsburg, MTPopulation: 85272CA+BACC+F
82Sheridan, MTPopulation: 64272CA+C+ACC+F
83Beaver Creek, MTPopulation: 37972FAB+BAB+F
84Hamilton, MTPopulation: 4,39372A+ADBDC+F
85Broadus, MTPopulation: 61072BA+CB+CD+F
86Highwood, MTPopulation: 17072FA+CA+C+CD+
87Stevensville, MTPopulation: 2,28072CABB+D+BF
88Saddle Butte, MTPopulation: 21772FABA+BB+F
89Chester, MTPopulation: 78072C+A+CACD+F
90Elliston, MTPopulation: 24372FAC+ABBD
91Woods Bay, MTPopulation: 49872D+D+B+A+BB+F
92Lakeside, MTPopulation: 2,28572FDA+AC+B+F
93Neihart, MTPopulation: 6772FAC+A+CCD+
94Malta, MTPopulation: 1,91172CA+AAD+DF
95West Yellowstone, MTPopulation: 1,41372B+D+A+ACB+F
96Helena Valley West Central, MTPopulation: 8,29372FC+BABBD
97Kerr, MTPopulation: 23672FD+AAB+AF
98Carlton, MTPopulation: 84871FDAAAB+F
99Twin Bridges, MTPopulation: 33571D+A+CA+CCF
100Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, MTPopulation: 9,27771AA+C+BD+CF
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