Top 100 Cities In Montana

Best Places to Live in Montana AreaVibes scores the livability of more than 20,000 cities and neighborhoods across America based on their overall Livability Score. More infoTo sort by population, simply drag the slider left or right to find the range you're looking for. You can also sort each category by clicking on the category name to sort by highest to lowest or lowest to highest. If you've added up all the individual scores for each city and found that they don't equal 100, it's not because we're bad at math. Each category has a different weight, which results in the overall score being adjusted accordingly.
Rank  City
Livability Score
Cost of Living
Crime Index
1Livingston, MT80A+A+ABCBD
2Big Timber, MT79C+A+A+BCBD
3Bigfork, MT79ACA+BC+AD
4Belgrade, MT79A+ABB+C+B+D
5Orchard Homes, MT79C+BA+B+BAD
6Missoula, MT79A+ACB+CB+D
7Columbus, MT79CA+A+BC+BD+
8Laurel, MT79BA+A+BC+BD+
9Lolo, MT79DAA+B+BB+D
10Red Lodge, MT79AAABC+BD
11Townsend, MT79BA+A+BCC+D
12Columbia Falls, MT79B+A+A+C+CBD
13Bozeman, MT79A+BBB+C+B+D
14Dillon, MT79AA+A+BCBF
15Ronan, MT78B+A+A+CD+BD
16Helena, MT78A+A+D+B+C+B+D
17Malta, MT78BA+A+BCC+F
18Absarokee, MT78FA+A+BBB+D+
19Glasgow, MT78BA+A+C+CC+F
20Helena West Side, MT78DA+A+BC+BD
21Shelby, MT78B+A+A+C+CC+F
22Whitefish, MT77A+CABC+B+D
23Four Corners, MT77C+CA+BC+B+D
24Billings, MT77A+A+D+BC+BD+
25Fort Benton, MT77CA+A+C+CC+D
26East Helena, MT77DA+A+BCBD
27Colstrip, MT77FA+A+BB+C+D
28Miles City, MT77B+A+AC+CC+D
29Choteau, MT77CA+A+C+CC+D
30Sidney, MT77B+A+ABC+C+F
31Great Falls, MT77A+A+DBC+BD
32Three Forks, MT77FA+A+B+C+BD
33Hardin, MT77BA+A+CCC+D+
34Roundup, MT77C+A+A+C+D+CD+
35Deer Lodge, MT77BA+A+CCC+F
36Helena Valley Northwest, MT76FAA+B+BB+D
37Evergreen, MT76BA+AC+CBD
38Lewistown, MT76BA+ABCC+F
39Malmstrom AFB, MT76DAA+B+C+B+D
40Forsyth, MT76D+A+A+C+C+CD
41White Sulphur Springs, MT76D+A+A+C+CC+D
42Kalispell, MT76A+A+D+C+CBD
43Lakeside, MT76D+CA+B+C+AD
44Lockwood, MT76D+A+A+C+C+C+D+
45Big Sky, MT75DD+A+B+BA+D
46Stevensville, MT75CA+AC+CBD
47Plentywood, MT75CA+A+C+CCF
48West Glendive, MT75D+A+A+CC+C+F
49Seeley Lake, MT75FA+A+BC+B+D
50Manhattan, MT75DB+A+BBB+D
51Clancy, MT75FC+A+B+B+AD
52Lincoln, MT75DA+A+C+CBF
53Chinook, MT75D+A+A+C+CCF
54Conrad, MT75BA+BC+CC+F
55Havre North, MT75B+A+A+D+D+CF
56Boulder, MT75D+A+A+C+CC+D
57Helena Valley West Central, MT74FAA+B+BB+D
58Montana City, MT74FCA+B+AAD
59West Yellowstone, MT74B+BA+BCAF
60East Missoula, MT74FA+A+C+CBD
61Glendive, MT74BA+BCCCF
62Whitehall, MT74DA+A+C+CC+F
63Bonner-West Riverside, MT74FA+A+B+C+D+D
64Pablo, MT74CA+A+D+CD+D
65Harlowton, MT74D+A+A+CD+CF
66Scobey, MT73DA+A+C+CCF
67Sun Prairie, MT73FA+A+BBC+D
68Plains, MT73CA+A+C+CC+F
69Eureka, MT73CA+BC+CC+D
70Baker, MT73D+A+AC+CCF
71North Browning, MT73D+A+A+D+CC+F
72Havre, MT72AA+FBCBF
73Hamilton, MT72AA+FBD+BD
74Libby, MT72BA+CCCC+D
75Helena Valley Southeast, MT72FAABBBD
76Helena Valley Northeast, MT71FCA+C+B+AD
77Browning, MT71D+A+A+DD+CF
78Cut Bank, MT71CA+DB+C+CF
79Polson, MT69BA+FC+D+BD
80Fort Belknap Agency, MT69FA+A+DD+CF
81Thompson Falls, MT68C+A+C+CCC+F
82Wolf Point, MT68BA+FC+CCF
83Lame Deer, MT68FA+A+D+DD+D
84South Browning, MT67D+A+A+FFCF
85Crow Agency, MT67FA+A+C+D+FD+
86Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, MT66FA+BC+CC+F
87Butte-Silver Bow, MT65FA+C+BCBF