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A League Above The Rest!

I have lived in League City for about 20 years now. The amazing thing about League City is that it has remained almost the same as when the large explosion of growth happened in the Houston area. The community has certainly grown, but the sprawl has been really abated. This means that I can still make it Galveston and Texas City to fish. This is important, because it is the reason that I moved to this coastal area. The area is very conducive to fishing and crabbing. I devote a large amount of my free time to doing these outdoor sports, and I still do not have to deal with a bunch of land lubbers because the demographics has remained largely unmoved. It is also great because our area has enough people that businesses are flourishing, but we are still able to grab the wonderful seafood that the area provides. This seafood is only hours old, and it is a reason to move to this area. In addition, the sporting goods stores are still in place so I am able to stay stocked up. Inside Houston proper, when certain fishing seasons begin, gear is hard to come by because many people in Houston enjoy the coast on their off days. However, this influx still is not overwhelming. This is amazing considering the large growth that has taken place in Houston. Still, League City has remained a great place to live. The Mall of the Mainland is close or Almeda Mall is right up interstate 45 at the beltway. Still, when we need to be in the city, we simply leave at times when traffic is nominal. By doing this, we have all the amenities that we need to live out our lives in the League City area.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 17, 2015
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