Kemmerer, WY Housing & Real Estate

Kemmerer housing overview

Median home price$169,400$184,400$181,400
Median rent asked$724$733$889
Average number of people per household2.52.53
Percent owner occupied70.2%70.3%65.5%
Percent renter occupied29.8%29.7%34.5%
The data is based upon 2012 estimates.
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The median home value in Kemmerer is 8.1% less than the Wyoming average and 6.6% less than the National average. The median rental rates in Kemmerer is 1.2% less than the Wyoming average and 18.6% less than the National average.


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Rent as a percent of household income

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Data displayed in the above graphs is based on 2012 census data.

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