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I was very disappointed....

People are nice enough; streets are clean; there are some nice parks. Other than that, there is not much to draw much interest. The traffic is horrible...here and through Houston...worse than NYC. There are no museums or zoos out of Houston, so one would have to drive through the traffic mess to do anything of any educational interest. The schools brag of superiority, yet are not quite what they claim to be. There is no place for a kid that thinks out of the box. People are told the schools are so great so much that they believe it without qualification. "Teaching to the test" is the norm. The crime rate seems low, although there have been some gruesome violent incidents. The tax rate is astronomical, and we get no great benefit from it. I think that the place just grew too large for its own good. The population is over a quarter million! That is NO small town. The school district is over 60,000 students....how can there be any sort of help and individualized programs for a kid that is a little different due to a learning or other disability? There is only one decent college/university in the entire Houston area (Rice) and the rest are community college level institutions. The libraries in Katy are meager...loads of empty space and comparatively few books. There are lots of restaurants, drug stores and supermarkets, though. So, if you like to spend lots of time eating....you're in luck.
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AlphaBetaPosted on Jul 28, 2012
Great place for families

Katy has wonderful schools and the crime rate is really low. It has a small town feel, but it's not so small that everyone knows everyone. It's close enough to Houston to enjoy everything the city has to offer. Texas Children's and Methodist have recently opened new hospitals in the area. Katy has plenty of good restaurants and the nightlife is picking up. There are a few bars with live music and a couple of clubs. The Houston area was not as severely affected by the recession as the rest of the country, but houses are still cheaper than they have been in a long time. The cost of living is VERY low and there is no shortage of available housing.
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AggiegirlPosted on Apr 18, 2012
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