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Good for hardcore nature enthusiasts, loners, and home schoolers

Pros: Big, gorgeous nature and wildlife and tons of lakes and rivers. Stunning mountain vistas. Good core shopping for consumers thanks to it being a tourist destination (Target/Wal-Mart/Costco). People keep to themselves and don't judge you. Laws are limited and attitudes are casual. Spring and summer and fall can be gorgeous.Cons: Oppressively gray eternal winter (one less day of sunshine per year than Seattle). People keep to themselves and are not cosmopolitan. No happy healthy family suburban neighborhoods here. Depressed economy with associated social issues like poverty and substance abuse. Kids are bored.If you are sick of people and prefer nature to be more prominent than culture, this might be your place. The winters will destroy you unless you are made of something special or some hardcore winter sports freak. Locals just aren't very happy here so you won't be invigorated by the populace although it brightens up with millions of tourists in the nice seasons thanks to Glacier park.
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bluespinyPosted on Feb 21, 2017
It has its plusses and minuses

Pluses: located near a great variety of outdoor recreation (snow activities in the winter and water/wilderness activities in the summer); uncrowded (but somewhat challenged by tourists on their way to Glacier National Park in the summer months); lots of open space; summers are typically mild and enjoyable Minuses: the winters are harsh with snow and bitterly cold temperatures; the Flathead Valley often is shrouded in clouds/high fog during significant stretches of winter; there is a huge gap between average wages and affordable housing; far too many trailer homes and parks; huge inconsistencies in housing construction (large energy inefficiencies and cheap building materials); virtually non-existent pull to patron the downtown because there are too many businesses located along Main Street that are not restaurant, cafe, night life, or gift shop-oriented (instead there are banks, realtor and other professional offices, martial arts, state government offices, etc.); traffic infrastructure is woefully inadequate (zero planning and foresight as to future growth); roads are poorly maintained; very few parks in and around the city itself; the entire valley is bicycle and pedestrian unfriendly with very few bike paths and sidewalks are limited to the very core of the downtown itself. In essence, Kalispell is about 20-30 years ahead at being behind.
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kjon99fmPosted on Feb 25, 2014
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