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Hi friends, i was staying in Jersey city from past 3 yrs. I simply loved it. The commute is very easy. You have path trains,cabs, buses, light rails. Nightlife is awesome. After staying in Jersey city its pretty difficult to adjust in any other city. I use2 stay in Grove street n it was 5 mins walk to boardwalk exchange place with a beautiful NY skyline. Lot of food options near by. shopping malls near by, BJS ,SHOP RITE, DUANE READE. Good docs in Newport area. I simply loved the city. It/s just 30 mins to Timesquare if you take Path. Lot of night clubs near by area n lot of different cuisines in grove street area.
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SoumPosted on Feb 11, 2015
Jersey City - Nightlife in the Garden State

I actually happened upon Jersey City traveling from Hoboken, NJ. When I decided to stay a night in Jersey City, I was completely surprised. The nightlife in this city is unbelievable. I would not consider this a family oriented place but if you are single and looking for a good night out on the town then I recommend Jersey City, NJ. My favorite nightclub there was definitely Sandbar. I honestly cannot wait to for the chance to go back. Another positive to Jersey City is that it is so close to New York City if you really want to go all out. Jersey City is the perfect place for young adults to get out and meet new people. Aside from nightclubs, there are a few good attractions in Jersey City. Two that come to mind are the Liberty Science Center and the Liberty State Park - located only 2000 feet from the Statue Of liberty itself! If you're looking for a restaurant in Jersey City try Presto's Restaurant on Warren St. It serves up some of the best Italian food in Jersey City.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 03, 2010
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