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Humble Living in Humble, Texas

I have lived in the Houston area for most of my life, and Humble, Texas is where I first moved to after leaving my parents' home. Located northeast of Houston, and home to George Bush Intercontinental Airport and one of the better malls in the Houston area, Deerbrook Mall, Humble is a major hub of activity in southeast Texas. Like many suburbs of Houston, Humble has its ups and downs. There are dozens of restaurants to choose from, many of which are accessible without ever leaving the major highway that cuts through town. Movie theaters, night clubs, shopping centers and countless other attractions are readily available for the passer-through, and the hotel selection is amazingly diverse. The downside to all of these booming businesses is most obviously the traffic. If you must leave the major thoroughfare, plan to spend a good while sitting at a traffic light, or waiting in a turning lane. While Humble is a great destination for tourists, many of whom have recently arrived from the airport, it is less spectacular for its residents. There are a few very respectable residential areas, where homes and apartments carry great value, and a great price tag, but the majority of residents are tenants of old apartment buildings, and neglected rent houses. No matter where you live in Humble, the aforementioned traffic will always affect you. All in all, I would quickly recommend Humble, Texas as a prime location for a night on the town, or weekend getaway, but I cannot, with clear conscience, suggest it as a suitable city to call home.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 24, 2011
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