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A Picnic In The Park In Hoover, AL

I lived in Hoover, Alabama for five years before I relocated to be closer to my family. I enjoyed everyday that I spent in Hoover. My favorite thing to do in Hoover was go to the parks. There are twelve different parks within Hoover that offer fun for entire families or relaxing fields of grass where you can be alone and read or enjoy a quiet family picnic. I always liked taking my cousins to the park and watching them play on the swings and merry go round. I made it a point to visit the Aldridge Botanical Garden which is located on seven acre's of land and has a lake with walking trails. The flowers and plants radiate beauty and lovely detail. It is completely impossible to not feel relaxed in the gardens. I love to shop and The Galleria was always my favorite place to go shopping in the city. It is a huge mall that made it impossible to not find what you needed. You could go grocery shopping or even get a massage right in the middle of the mall. It is the twenty fourth largest mall in the united states so you can imagine just what you could find in the mall. There were many things to do at night in the city of Hoover as well, local bars and night clubs offered entertainment and a chance to socialize within the community. I was never without something to do in Hoover.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 10, 2010
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