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Tijuana's cousin town

If you like CRIME, a Crooked Apathetic (barely educated) Local government, , you like Tijuana style law that will shake you down for your dollar, an Injustice local court , high unemployment, a feeling of despair, bottom of the barrel shopping options; you Dislike any sort of Innovative (different) thinking, you dislike any kind of creative arts - Then Hole Brook will be a great place for you!Hole brook Welcomes all government job flunkees that could not make it elsewhere.How does a town of population slightly over 5,000 come up with a budget of over $10 million? Good job law enforcement and courts for shaking down the innocent that pass through, yet they have no control over their local crime problems. The wild west still lives on through the legal government extortion by use of crooked law enforcement and courts.For a state that despises Mexico it does a great job at emulating one of it's worst cities.
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JusticePosted on Jan 13, 2017
Uncolerful City

I stayed the night here on the way to the 4 corners monument. Highway 40 A.K.A route 66 was the prime highway for the southwest (get your kicks on route 66). Sure Holbrook is on it, but that makes no difference in its economy. I noticed that there were a lot of closed down stores that were vandilized (oh and one billbored was hanging by a thread). The % of people unimployed is sky high, the job oppertunity here is going away, due to that, the unimployment rate is skyrocketing. Yes, I wonnder why crime is so bad here? Lets face it, its right next to a major indian reservation. If you are going to move out there, than good luck finding a job. (oh and its lacking in coler)
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ChrisA108Posted on Jan 29, 2014
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