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Haltom City is still here!

I have lived in Haltom City my whole life. We were formerly a small town outside of Fort Worth. Now we are a full suburb of Fort Worth because of the massive influx of people that either leave the community to work or come into the community to work but that do not live in Haltom City proper. This is also true because the sprawl of Fort Worth is becoming massive. This makes us seem much larger than we actually are. It also makes us sort of a commuter society. No one has to do anything in Haltom anymore because the city has kind of reached us. There is quick access into Fort Worth and into Dallas if that is necessary. Because of this, most people seek entertainment and shopping outside of Haltom, and that development has not been good for some of the local business that thrived when Haltom was isolated somewhat. However, children have a wide variety of opportunities that are now easily accessible. They can also earn a living outside of Haltom City and return home every night. This makes the change that has taken place beneficial in that regard. Some of the old businesses survive because of the new influx of money, and the community seems strong at this point. The games on Friday night are much larger because our population has increased, but they have also become more entertaining since the number of different teams that we encounter during a season has changed so much. The sprawl also means that we do not have to venture out further into the cities or the Metroplex. We have gotten older and do not like to encounter traffic in the proportions that the cities have traffic. So our lifestyle has not changed as much as we thought it would when the building boom began.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 22, 2015
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