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Hallsville, Still Rural

Hallsville is a part of Deep East Texas where the bayou influence begins to take on a cultural significance. 45 miles west of Shreveport Louisiana, Hallsville is still all Texas. Hallsville is fortunate enough to be close to several population areas that on one hand provide amenities for great living, but on the other hand slow the growth of those same amenities. The local website that features all things Hallsville (www.texasruralnews.com) helps keep folks informed about life in this sleepy East Texas Town. Crime is especially low and most of the towns activities revolve around the local school district. That in and of itself makes Hallsville a good place for families. The first thing most young people want to do after High School graduation is move away from Hallsville... and yet the second thing those same young people want to do is move back to Hallsville. Hallsville's biggest struggle is attracting new young families and giving them a community where their significance is welcomed. As is with most older small communities, long time Hallsville families with roots fear most "new" folks because they"...didn't grow up here." All in all... Hallsville is a great place to live. Small town, close to big town amenities.
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mstanfield1Posted on May 21, 2015
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