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Safe city, miss having children around though, completely retirees.

The neighbors told me when I moved here at 56, this was God's waiting room for Heaven. What a thing to say! I find most are not really that friendly, and heaven forbid if you don't play golf! It has nice amenities, with the Green Valley, AZ rec centers, and so much to do, but don't expect any bonding of any one. Sad to say, they all, when seeing you talk the talk, but when it comes to making any plans to do something together, everyone is busy. I love the convinence of the shopping centers, and being close to the Casino's and Tucson, though, but miss my roots on the Outer Banks of NC, with the ocean. I do love the warmer climate, but do not like the close encounters (3) that I have had with rattlesnakes. I do miss the laughter of children being around, they tend to make you feel younger. The average age, I would guess is 75 here. Actually thinking of relocating, if I can only find that Mayberry, LOL
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DMBWPosted on Feb 14, 2011
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